Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 4 of Imprisonment

Love Mom a lot but she can be such a pill sometimes.  She reminded Dad not to take me out again for a few more days or till she gets the ok from the vet.  I coughed a couple of times last night but no phlegm.   Dad and I started playing fetch but Mom interrupted it and said I don't need to get excited cos' that's when I start coughing again.  I need more rest. Instead, she asked Dad to help her open my mouth so she can shove that sheeb awful cough syrup.  What a killjoy!  I was restless Wednesday night with all this vent up energy. I rearranged my bed, pulled the mat from the crate and started shaking it like it was a live kill.  I got a computer duster and ran with it to the backyard.  Mom chased me around for a few minutes.  It was quite funny.   By midnight my head got stuck in the biscuit box and Mom checked to see the racket in the kitchen.   I managed to jump high enough to knock the box off the counter and was checking to see if I could get the last 2 biscuits.  She did not take the box off me till she took a few pics.  I think she was amused by the situation.  She would have called Dad to check me out but he was already sleeping.   

After all my antics, I was finally allowed in the bedroom since I was no longer coughing up phlegm and  settled down by the foot of the bed around 2am. I don't know why I still got a wipe down since I haven't been outside and my paws are clean.


It's funny how other humans are so strict about telling their dogs to get down from the picnic table at the dog park while Mom and Dad don't mind it at all.  Others think it's bad manners to have dogs on the table.  Mom and Dad allow me to jump on the table because it's cute and  as long as there's no human using it.  It's my refuge from the big dogs.  Ozzie's dad sum it up well, "this is a dog park after all so I figure dogs can use the picnic tables if they want to."  

Mom sprayed me with water because it was so hot that day.

Dogs I met at Point Isabel


Stealing Sadie's ball

Ziggy looking for gophers

Guess who I saw at Pt. Isabel?  Yogi, my old pal from Dog Park A.  lol  He followed us for a little bit because he wanted to play but his human was ready to go home. It was a very hot day.

I barked at this kid because of his helmet.  I can't help it.  He looks strange.


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tikarex said...

Not to laugh or anything Sinjin but it would have been so funny with your head stuck in the a minute there I thought it looked like you swimming at!!