Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yippee ki-yay

Hooray for Sienna!  She was actually playing with other dogs.  Mom was extremely delighted by Sienna's progress.  Initially, she was at the big dog area running around and was having fun exploring until she got overwhelmed when 4 dogs ( an English Spaniel, a Catahoula, a Retriever, & a Pointer) wanted to check her out at the same time.   With tail down and cowering, that was Mom's cue to move her to the smaller dog area.  Sienna got to experience the big dog park for about 10 minutes.  I was left behind but eventually went to the smaller park because I stopped playing with my buddies when Mom and Sienna left. 



Chasing Kobe

And this was taken a couple of days ago at Dog Park B

Getting to know Zorro




Birthday smile,  5-month old tomorrow

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Ears

Finally!  Mom captured Sienna's happy ears since she can never seem to get me. ;-p  Sienna was left behind at home as I have my one on one with Mommy.  She was so excited to see us when we came home.  We were only gone for a couple of hours.  The following day, I was home by myself while Sienna goes to class.  Not cool. 




Sienna raised her paw to volunteer for class demonstration.  What a brown nose!  She really just wanted the treats the teacher was giving.  Smart girl.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dr.Sinjin, the Dentist

For the past few days, I have been obsessed with grooming Sienna.  I only wanted to clean her 'wound'.  She's been losing her puppy teeth and I like to clean it, especially her gums.  She doesn't mind it one bit.  But because I'm such a clean freak, I get to the point where I overdo it & Sienna yells for me to stop after awhile and if I don't, she will start to paw me, growl, or run away.  

Today Sienna gave a cry that alarmed Mommy.  Hey, don't look at me, I was sunning and minding my own business.  She yelped again and jumped as if something had bitten her.  I went over to check her out.  Then Mom came out and I offered her my toy to play but she was more concern about Sienna.   Hmmmph!   Mom picked her up to see if she has any wound or insect bite and she screamed again.  She's got doodoo stuck on her butt!  Hahahaha....  Mom, always handy with the poop bag even in our own backyard was able to quickly grab it out of Sienna's touche. Sienna is such a baby, she can't even clean herself properly!  I offered my toy again to play but Mom carried Sienna back inside to get a wipe down.  








Quiet time at last


Monday, April 18, 2011

Four Eyes

Another fun weekend  doing Sienna's homework.  The teacher noted that she's a little better in class.  She almost joined recess but preferred to observe.  I think she's more of a geek academic type.  She did well with her basic commands, at least much better than I did as I recall. (^_^)
Sienna showing off her missing teefs
And a raspberry for  Mom

Me being handsome with my blue steel look ;)



Really tired after playing hard

Sienna's classmates having fun while she looks on



Sienna was the only one at the park so I joined her after a few minutes.



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smells Like Teenage Spirit

Just before 3 am on Tuesday, I heard noises outside.  Obviously, I did my duty and barked away.  Gotta protect ma familia.  Mom peeked through the window and saw a couple of teenagers hanging around outside our front yard.  When Mom turned the lights on, they ducked behind our car so Mom couldn't see their faces.  Mom was gonna call the police (neighborhood watch) but as soon as she heard their car take off, she sat next to me for about 10 minutes while I fall asleep.  She petted me for being a good guard dog.


Sienna and I enjoying the sun. 




Still shy but getting there


I was on the other side but Sienna eventually came over to our side to meet some of my BIG friends :)
Sugar wanted to make friends with Sienna


Meeting Hannibal and Marley

Hannibal asking Sienna to come down from the table so they can play