Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 Days After

I finally got a longer walk and we went briefly to the beach.  Thank goodness.  I miss the smell of sea air and the sound of the waves.  Anticipation is killing me---I will be going to a dog park for the first time since being sick.  I cannot wait.  My parents can't wait either.  I have been driving them batty with my restless nights.  I woke up Mommy again at 1am and I couldn't settle down till about 3:30am.  She even put me inside my crate for a few minutes.  I knew she wouldn't let me stay there the rest of the night.  She's not that cruel.   I was scratching the door and was sort of whimpering.  ;-)   Ok, I admit it, I'm a bit of a spoiled brat.  I met a couple of fatties on different days---a Chihuahua and a Bulldog.  Both dogs could barely walk.  The Chihuahua did not want to play with me.  The Bulldog is about 30 lbs overweight.  Both owners said that they are on a diet and have restricted them from human food.   Anyhoo, I was just so excited to see a couple of dogs.  






Not enough beach action but it will do for now.

Rolling around the grass, smells good to me.

It was very windy day.

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bertieMC2 said...

So glad you are much better Sinjin. Not to worry, I'm sure you will soon get longer walk and beach time.