Monday, May 31, 2010

Muddy Monday

Yesterday, I got to play with Holly again. We had so much fun. I got all muddy. Then after about an hour, Holly was very submissive and all the dogs were surrounding her. She got spayed a few days ago. She was on her back and she smelled funny to me. All of the sudden, I tried to have sexy time with her as other dogs were nipping or picking on her. That's when Mom yelled my name. I did it again after a few minutes and one of the humans grabbed my collar. She was concerned I might pull off Holly's stitches. Mom said "it's a good thing he's getting chopped in a few days. It's the first time he has ever tried this." One of them said, "oh well, it's his first and last fling". But when I tried it for the third time, that's when Mom got the leash and got me out of there. As punishment, she had me professionally bathed and clipped my nails. I guess I was too muddy for her to give me a bath herself. I was so scared. I was whimpering. I hate bathing. But when I saw Mom after 2 hours, I was sooooooooo excited to see her. And she was so excited to see me. She got all googoo on how handsome and clean I was. To top it all off, I got lots of compliments as I strut my stuff. The downside is Dad didn't take me on my nightly walk. Mom wanted me clean and smelling good for at least 2 days. Good luck on that!

This was after bathing. I gotta admit, I like being clean. :-)


Whoa!  I had my first kill.  A mole.  It was invigorating.  Dad tried to to make me leave it but I was guarding it like a prize.  I ran away from him carrying it.  Dad was getting mad because he couldn't catch me.  Mom went to the bench area and sat down.  I followed her.  Then Dad distracted me with a squeaky toy and Mom quickly scooped up my prize and threw it on the garbage.   I quickly forgot about it because I am having fun being off leash at the beach for the first time.  I got to play soccer with Mom and Dad, play with other dogs, got to meet another shiba and ran like there's no tomorrow.  The 2 hour drive to get to this place was worth it.  

Jada, a 4-year old shiba I met.

This lady told my Dad, "this is the first shiba that ever came up to me, how friendly."

Mom took this pic as she was lying on the ground.  She was trying to trick me to come to her so she could put my leash on.  Dad got tired of calling me so Mom suggested that he go to the parking lot and just pick us up.  Mom cleverly ignored me and kept walking.  She sat down on the bench and I found a 13 year old border collie to play with.  Mom let us play for another 10 minutes.  Mom gave a treat to the border collie and that's when I came over to check it out.  She even asked the man to help her grab my collar but she was able to do it by herself.  Just in time for Dad to come in with the car.  Heh!  I shouldn't really complain, we were there for 2 1/2 hours.  

Don't worry folks, I was wearing a seat belt.  It was really quite bothersome.  But it's the price one must pay to have the wind blowing against me. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

7-Month Itch

My 2 new toys for my birthday. Mom got me the ladybug and Dad got me the dumbbell.

Taken on May 28 when I first got my toy.

Taken on May 29. Bye bye ladybug, nice knowing you for a day. :)  Get your sewing kit Mom!

I was at the dog park on Friday with Mom and I played with Maya. She's only 3 months old and was quite feisty. She's an Aussie Shep mix. Then, a Ridgeback, St. Bernard, Lab mix, and a Chow came at about the same time. Everything was fine and I played with the big dogs but after several minutes, Mom decides to take me to the small dog park before the St. Bernard slobber all over me. There was a Beagle and a longhaired Chihuahua at the small area. The owners of the St. Bernard and Lab mix walked over to our side still separated by the gate and the Chihuahua started barking at the Lab. I joined in the fun sans the barking. The owners were talking and the Chihuahua's human was petting the St. Bernard. The chihuahua kept barking and so did the Lab. The Lab's human kept tugging on his collar to make him stop barking. Then Mom and I kinda moved away and started playing "soccer" on the other side. All of the sudden, we heard a scream. The Beagle's owner dove in to protect her dog away from the Lab mix and she got bitten on her wrist. We both looked at them in shocked and then Mom kicked the ball as far she could to get me away from the commotion. She says "Down" and I just stared at her and then she said "wait" and I didn't move when she went near the commotion. The beagle got a few bite marks but was ok. The human however, was bleeding and her friend called 911. Mom then asked the 12-year old girl what happened. Apparently, she and her friend were at the big dog park area and as they went into the small area, they did not close the gate behind them. The Lab mix got in and went for the Beagle instead of the Chihuahua. Anyhow, the police came in to interview both parties and the victim was taken to the hospital by the ambulance. The beagle's owner even said that it's no one's fault, it's an accident.  What a day!
Maya and I having fun earlier

I have already forgotten yesterday's event as I had another fun time with my buddies today.  I played mostly with a 7-month old pit named Holly.  I think I prefer her over Stacks.  I was there for over 2 hours.  Dad asked Audrey's human to dog sit me for a few minutes while he picks up my Mom.  I was so happy to see both of them after 10 minutes. For a split second, I thought they had abandoned me.

Jackie (I stole her toy again),  dunno, Bailey, Audrey, Holly, Vivian, and Truman

And this is Nemi, we tumbled for a bit

And this is how I feel today:  HAPPY.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, I got more playtime, I got to lounge around by the shaded trees, and Mom didn't give me a bath.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I Got A Feeling

That tonight is gonna be a good night, yeah, yeah.  That's right, 7 months today and I know I will get presents.  Can't wait to chomp on it whatever it is. Dad was rushing this morning and couldn't find his keys.  He took the spare and as he was leaving, that's where he found his keys dangling at the front door knob.  It's a good thing we have a gate door or someone could have just let himself in.  It was kinda comical.  Then Mom yells after him, " don't forget to get Sinjin a present, it's his birthday."  To which he replied, "do we have to celebrate his birthday every month?"  Without a beat, Mom says  "yes until he is a year old."  Right on Mom! High Paws!  :-)  Then Dad says, "Happy Birthday boy, come, give daddy a kiss."  And that's my cue to stop dead on my tracks and just look at him.  There's something about the word 'come' that makes me want to ignore anyone who says it.  

Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucky Me

I had the best time yesterday and today.   I played with a pug named Sophie and she's a little thug.  She was trying to hump a few of the dogs at the park.  We ran around  a few times and she actually got me by the neck.  When she started growling funny, that's when her owner yelled her name.  Then 2 adult shibas came but they were sooooooo shy.  The owner said that the male shiba Yoshi did not quite make it as a show dog but was used to being crated.  So when they got him from a breeder in Tennessee, he would not come out of his crate for several days.  Their other dog Sumiko gets nervous and drools when other dogs are present but she loves humans.  I knew right away that they were not interested in playing.  Mom tried to pet and play with them but with no luck.  After about 20 minutes, Sumiko let Mom pet her.  

Mom and Dad went to another ballgame and they left me at Sparky's house.  When they got back, Sparky's Dad was telling my  parents  that I bolted as soon as they opened the door and 3 adults looked for me for half an hour.  Sparky's Mom was quite worried I might get run over by a car. To top it all off, I like to eff with Sparky and it got a little heated when his dad saw me nipping at Sparky and stealing his rawhide.  His dad got mad at me.  I was put into another room.  Ok, I admit it, I want to egg Sparky on so he would play with me but all he wants to do is eat or lounge around.  B-o-r-i-n-g!  So from now on, no more treats for us and we will be separated when we visit with them.  Too bad because I really like Sparky.  Then we went to another friend's  house and this time they have 3 dogs.  I ate some of their food because I got hungry.  Peppermint aka Pepe the Chihuahua and I sized each other up and I played with him for a little while.  I would mark an area then Pepe would mark it again then I'd mark it back.  LOL  Kora and Ficus ignored me after the initial greetings. 
Ficus, getting to know me
 Kora and Peppermint

We got home around midnight and I didn't get to take a nap during the day.  I just wanted to sleep and went under my parents bed.  Dad didn't try to get me out as he would normally do.  After 20 minutes I went back to my own bed.  Dad woke up at 6am and let me out the backyard so I can relieve myself.  By 8am, I went into the bedroom and I woke up Dad so he can give me hand to climb up onto the bed.  The bed is too high.  I kissed Mom and Dad and slept at the foot of the bed before changing my position and sleeping between them.  We all woke up at 10am and had a lazy Sunday morning.  By mid-afternoon I met all kinds of dogs at the dog park.  I played mostly with Billy the beagle.  He is 9 months old and is already 15 lbs overweight.  His Mom said it's because her husband feeds him bad human food. Hint hint to Dad.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cat Fight

No way, I just wanted to play with this cat but he wasn't interested.  Why can't cats understand that I'm not out to harm them?  I just wanna sniff him and maybe nibble his ears.  I got so excited seeing this particular cat because he did not run away, they usually do.  I could stay here all day but Mom was tugging on me.  

I met Stacks again yesterday and we played for a few minutes.  His mom calls him "Stacky".  For some reason, I get tired easily when I play with him.  

Sunbathing with the flies, it don't bother me. :-)  Mom usually brush my hair or give me a wipe down  every time I go outside.  Why?  Because now, I can  come to bed with them when I want to even though I don't stay that long.  I prefer my own bed.  But finally, I have broken down Mom and her no dogs allow rule in the bedroom.  ^paws  and double woof woof!  

This is Dusty, a very friendly 20-month old bichon I met last Sunday.  I only got to play with him a few minutes because he came in late as we were about to leave.  His mom was very nice and brought toys to the park for donation.  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day in a Life

Mom woke up to this mess. She wasn't mad. I heard her say, "it's a good thing it wasn't all over the house but only to his area." She cleaned it up rather quickly without acknowledging me.

I followed Dad to the bathroom this morning and he forgot to close the door. While he was taking a shower, I took a role of toilet paper and went to town. Yes! There is something about shredding paper in general that is so much fun. :-) I slept most of the day. I was pooped from waking up so early and playing with my new toy. ;-P Mom took me for a walk today because Dad went to a hockey game. Even though I love going for walks, I hate the collar, the leash, and the harness. I wanna be free. I always give Mom or Dad a hard time about putting on my collar.

During our walk, I saw a cat but Mom restrained me. Then I wanted to play with a small dog but he was behind a fence.

I rolled around the grass and stayed put. Good thing Mom brought her phone to occupy her because I wasn't going to budge till I'm ready. I was hoping she would bring a lawn chair next time so we can just hang out. I have a BIG smile because I got my way.