Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon


Nothing like a beautiful sunny day to just kick back and enjoy it.  I got to people watch.  I saw some teenagers swimming and little kids playing.  Mom brought a lawn chair this time so we got to hang out by the beach for about half an hour after I did my business.  Then I got to play with a 4 month old Aussie Shep.  Too bad Mom didn't let me off leash.

Check out this little dude with his boots on.   Not sure why he has them on.  I try not to mess with him.  Barney was there and I got to play with him for half hour.  Mom did not take pictures because we were on the other side of the park while she was sitting by the shade yacking with someone.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Birthday :)

It was a gorgeous day for a birthday. :)  I even got to play with Oscar the cat even though he wasn't so fond of me.  

Later today, I got my cupcake and my bone.  I love it.  


Dad took me to his office Sunday morning because he had to pick up something.  We were there for about 15 minutes. This morning, Dad tells Mom that the HR guy asked him if he brought his dog this past weekend.  The HR guy says "Your dog left a calling card near P's desk and it wasn't number one."  LOL  My dad apologized of course.  My bad. I admit it.  I couldn't hold it any longer.  Must have been all the table scraps I have been eating.  My only mistake is that I didn't tell Dad about it when it happened.  Really people, look at this face, there's no malice in it.  
Mom and I went to the beach the other day and had so much fun.  It was low tide and I got to smell all kinds of stuff.  I even got a fish bait.  As soon as Mom saw it, she ran after me.  That was fun.  I like being chased.  

I'm 8-month old today and I expect goodies later.  :)


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teenie Dogs

 Napping before playtime
 I like playing with Reuben.  He lets me play with his toy.  I would steal it and then he would take it back and so forth.  We are becoming good buddies.  Sometimes, when he barks at the big dogs on the other side of the fence, I would join the pack but I don't bark. I just like to run around with them. 


 Prince, Tahoe, and Charlie belong to one human.  I played with Prince the yorkie  before but today he was pretty feisty.  He and Charlie ganged up on me.   He nipped me.  Ouch!  A little later, Tahoe, a lab, joined in and I was overwhelmed.  At one point it was Tahoe who got me by the neck and I yelped.  That's when Mom clapped her hands and yelled and scooped me up.  Mom checked to see if there's any wound.  Nothing.  Tahoe's human apologized.  When Mom put my leash on Prince followed us at the gate.  Mom quickly picked him up by his harness and handed him to Dad over the fence.  His human was still distracting Tahoe. 

 This one is Zoey, a teacup yorkie.  I chased her around but she was too tiny that she keeps climbing up to  where her human was sitting. 

Another new toy from Dad when he got home.  What did I do to deserve this?

Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh my, I like barbecues.  At first, Mom tied me to a tree because there were a couple of kids but after awhile, I was free to roam around.  A few people at the party gave me a piece of their steak here and there.  I even got my first real cooked bone.  Mom was watching me a like a hawk.  She probably thought I was gonna choke.  Mom also gave me some roasted potatoes.  I think if you added all the pieces I got I ate a whole 8 oz. steak.  :-)  Whoo hooo!  I was really stuffed.  I wanted to bury the extra bone that Dad gave me.  Alas, Mom threw it in the garbage.  Buzzkill.

Here I am chomping on a large piece of steak that my dad gave me. 

I can't swim and I don't like to get wet.  I like watching the people enjoyed themselves though.

                  I did not barked at the kid, I was barking at his car toy that made funny noises.