Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About Time

Last night we had carne asada with brown rice and broccoli for dinner.  We've never had this before and thought it was unusual.  But heck, we ain't complaining.  It was delicious.  But then, Dad gave me a taste of his food and it was tastier than our food.  Ours was bland. :(  So when we finished our dinner, both Sienna and I sat down and gave Dad our cutest begging look without whining.  It worked.  We get cooked food for dinner twice a week.  Later that night, Dad saw the tail end part of Sienna chewing on his brand new shoes.  He said all kinds of naughty words and what a bad girl Sienna was.  He complained to Mom but all she said was, "wow, it took her this long to get to your shoes."  He got more upset cos' Mom wasn't so sympathetic.  

Enjoying my treat while Sienna looks on




Sienna enjoying a brief park time last Sunday



Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Flies

Today, we celebrated Sienna's 6-month birthday by going to 2 dog parks.  I was quite happy about it but Sienna was tired by the time we got to the 2nd park.  At least she wasn't overwhelmed.  She's still a tad shy depending on the dogs.  Otherwise, she will play with a playmate she finds non-threatening--- someone smaller than her.   She received 2 new toys and a bag of liver treats which are all mine. :) 

Her Royal Highness waking up.
By the way, we both have the HRH title and I'm also a Sergeant.  =P

Early morning play with her new toy


We were the only 2 dogs at the small area for 30 minutes before a chihuahua showed up.

I'm saying 'hi' to 2 akita acquaintances.  I told them I have to stay in the small area to keep sister
 company, my birthday present to her.

Sienna finally played tag with a smaller dog named Akita.

At the 2nd dog park, Sienna got to play with Coco who is my former classmate.  She used to be a snappish yapper but she has improved a lot since taking all the classes after Puppy II.

I played with Russell at the big area


Mmmmmmmmmmm, burger
Sienna's first McD for special occasion

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad Girl

She looks like an angel now but she can be a little devil especially when she takes my treat and hides under the bed or the sofa corner.  Hmmph!   Also lately, Sienna has been waking up Mom in the middle of the night so she can just go outside not to potty but to graze and feel the night air.  She still doesn't know how to ring the bell. She goes to Mom's side of the bed and barks at her to wake her up.  If Sienna is in bed with them, she just goes to the foot of the bed, does the shiba stand and starts whining.  Maybe it's time to get a doggie door. 





Watching Sienna eat my treat and I let her for a few minutes.

WARNING: Vicious Shibas
Enough is enough, I finally had to get MY treat away from Sienna
Sienna got to enjoy the treat while I went to the dog park.  It's a win win situation.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Always Fun To See Shibas

I swear, Mom's got a shiba radar.  We went to a dog park early this morning and boom, she got all excited as she screamed "Shibas!"  Two of them were at the small dog park area.  I went to the big area with Dad for a bit while they put a leash on their male shiba.  They were excited to see other shibas as well.  The first thing Mom asked them was if they were attending the annual NorCal shiba party.  The lady seemed confused.  She said they were from out of town and only stopped by the park before a dog show.  Both of their dogs are competing.  Sienna got to check them out.  Kenji their male dog is already a grand champion and Kaida is hoping to be one at today's showing.  We wish them well.  They invited us to attend the show but ironically, Mom and Dad have a previous engagement to see a local beauty pageant of the human kind.    Mom continued to yack it up with the out-of-towners.  Eventually, I went into the park and joined the party.  I got to play with Kaida and the other only dog at the park, Bella.  


Sienna sniffing Kaida
Bella sniffing Kenji


Beautiful Kaida
Me playing with a whippet before I went to the small area
Kaida and Bella running after me because I claimed the ball



Sienna decided to stay away from the ruckus

On our way home, Mom stopped by a store and I decided to move at the front to keep her seat warm.  She got back and decided not to disturb my nap and she sat in the back next to Sienna. :)