Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Dad saved me. We were supposed to go to a pet costume parade but didn't because Dad was lagging and taking his asinine time to get ready.  We were half hour late and then it rained.  Yippee!  Parade is cancelled automatically and I was spared from being humiliated yet again.  See ya next year Tweety! 


Went to a new dog park briefly.  There was a shy big pup who looked like Marmaduke.  His human said that he will be a show dog. I decided not to pick on him.  He was bigger than me but he was so timid.   I played with Nugget and Scruffy instead. 

Nugget and I trying to convince Scruffy's human not to leave.  

Nugget, Me, and Scruffy

Checking out the candy basket for tonight.  I will be greeting the kids at the door.  In addition, I got Batty, a new toy.  Guess my birthday isn't over yet.  





Shiba Tail said...

Such a cute costume, Sinjin!

Shiba Tail

Jerry said...

Sinjin your comments about missing the costume parade because of Dad just cracked me up! Then your picture with your tweety head put on are so funny!!!

Also Sophie got a basket from the Kelso Shiba dog show and in it was the very same black ..well looks like a buzzard....toy..the very same on that you have...

Tell your MOm that I love all your pictures and that she is such a good photographer....

Love you Sinjin!!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer said...

Thanks, I think the costume is cute too but I hate wearing anything. I prefer going au naturel. I'm a nudist at heart. ;-)

shibasenji said...

Hello Sinjin!

Just stumbled across your blog. I'm almost certain we've met you at a local dog park before. I can't remember exactly when, but your distinctive shiba face and your name are very familiar!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer said...

shibasenji, I remember you as well. You are 5 years old. Your mom said you are like an old man because you didn't want to play with me. lol Maybe I'll see you at the park again if we go near your area.

shibasenji said...

*laugh* Great memory!