Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chasing Me

Dad left me off leash again while he took me for our nightly walk.  We played by the children's park.  I got to explore in the dark. When it was time to go, he called me to come to him but I knew it's because he was going to put my leash on so I just stood there. He started walking away and I certainly didn't want to be left alone at the park with no one there so I followed him home.  However, I wasn't ready to go inside the house.  So he kept calling me and chased me around the block till he gave up and called Mom for help.  She's pissed.  Oh Oh.  She said "why I oughta..." to Dad.  Hahaha.... By the time Mom came out of the house, our next door neighbor was already helping Dad to try to catch me.  Our neighbor even went on all fours to engage me.  He was leaping like a frog.  It was like a new game.  This went on for awhile.  At one point, he fell and tripped as I went under a parked car.  He was ok.  He enjoyed playing with me.  Mom was telling Dad to corner me on the other side.  Mom called my name but I was having so much fun playing with our neighbor and Dad.  I finally got tired of running around.   I went over to where Mom was standing and she told me to sit and I did.  That's when she picked me up, she said "Good boy" and thanked our neighbor.  She even held me up to him so he can kiss me.  :)  


tikarex said... little bet your dad was getting a bit angry perhaps?? Maybe you better not play the "catch me" game very often!!

bertieMC2 said...

Hahaha, pow to the moon to your dad for letting you off leash. lol

Jerry said...

Sinjin, You were full of mischief!!Mom was really sweet to you once you were finally pooped and sat near mom!

Be a good boy next time you are out with Dad!

You are still so sweet and handsome!!


Yoshi and Family said...

Sinjin, you are a funny pup. You are a Shiba. Off leash...just asking for trouble if not enclosed area. You had a great time, I can tell! Love you Sinjin!