Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Dad saved me. We were supposed to go to a pet costume parade but didn't because Dad was lagging and taking his asinine time to get ready.  We were half hour late and then it rained.  Yippee!  Parade is cancelled automatically and I was spared from being humiliated yet again.  See ya next year Tweety! 


Went to a new dog park briefly.  There was a shy big pup who looked like Marmaduke.  His human said that he will be a show dog. I decided not to pick on him.  He was bigger than me but he was so timid.   I played with Nugget and Scruffy instead. 

Nugget and I trying to convince Scruffy's human not to leave.  

Nugget, Me, and Scruffy

Checking out the candy basket for tonight.  I will be greeting the kids at the door.  In addition, I got Batty, a new toy.  Guess my birthday isn't over yet.  




Friday, October 29, 2010


Can one dog have too much fun?   YES.  I had so much fun yesterday. Gotta be the best birthday ever and I've had 9 this year.  lol  




Mom making sure I don't burn my nose

Saved the cake for later

More interested in popping the balloon

Nap time before the park


I refuse to wear the hat for photo op.


That's right Mom, I ain't moving till Squirrel comes down the tree.





Patience is a virtue




Then the squirrel moved to another tree and my bloodthirsty Mom kept egging me on.  

I got tired of waiting so I played with 5-month old Myka.  She's pretty feisty. It was a great day and when I got home, I got to eat people food for dinner. Did anyone say burger?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sinjin is One

Thanks Mom! Love the Birthday present Montage! Dang, I look really handsome in most of them. I should be a model. I sure have a lot of "Blue Steel" look. :) Can't wait to eat the cake!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Action Dog

I wanted Duke the Lab to chase me.  I knew he wouldn't be able to catch me.  It was fine when it was just the two of us but when another dog joined in, I was toast!  LOL   I held my own for awhile but I admit it, it got a little stressful.  My parents think I'm beginning to look like a junkyard dog (no offense to junkyard dogs).   Why?  Because of a few scratches here and there.  It cannot be helped.  I'm an active dog.  There will be skirmishes. Once my parents thought I was being overwhelmed, they stop the play especially if the dog's owner is not nearby.  Dad with his foot and Mom with her squeaker or spray bottle. 





Oops, caught in the act


Not my blood, I wasn't injured.  A pup lost her tooth while playing.  Of course it stopped our play.   Dad scooped me up. He thought I was wounded.



Practicing my pose for PlayDog

Saturday, October 23, 2010

High Anxiety

This Husky was very dominant.   He took a ball I was playing with and I couldn't get it back.  I got a little anxious when he kept chasing me.  I have to remember to submit right away so we can start playing.  It was obvious he wanted to play.  But the Shiba in me do not give up that easily.  I finally had to though because he was picking on me and he is much stronger.  Once I  let him think he is the boss of me, we played for a bit till he got diverted into joining his pack.  There were 4 huskies that day belonging to different owners.  Shyla was one of them and she's a friend.  She kinda ignored me while she's with the pack. When the pack started greeting new dogs that come into the park, I joined them.  We ran and chased a particular dog till he or she submitted.  My parents thought it was funny when I  tag along around the periphery  with the big dogs.  I was the 5th Beatle.  


Interesting about this dog---the owner drives around the parking lot back and forth so his dog can follow him around.  It's the only way his dog can get exercise.  According to one of the humans near Mom,  this dog doesn't like to socialize with other dogs, play ball or even go for a walk.  I decided to run with him by the side of the fence.  It looked like fun.
This dog wasn't interested in playing ball with me.  

Normally, I would be chasing butterflies.  On this particular day, the grass was more interesting and tasty.  =)

There's nothing like the water hose game to get me going.  I did the Shiba500 afterwards.    




Saw a house with Halloween decor and I decided to investigate it.



Lullabying me to sleep

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stubborn as a Shiba

Someone told Mom that they will soon enforce the No Dogs Allowed policy at people's park near our house which is too bad. Dogs can only walk on pavements and be on leash. Are you kidding me? I love the grass. There's no way I will pass by it and not roll around it. Unfortunately, Mom will have to break the law and keep an eye out for cops so I can continue having fun. It's the right thing to do.

Morning Fog

 I got to play with Maddie again the other day and this time, Danny joined us.  He is very TALL but so playful.  This is only our 2nd meeting.  I think it was easier to nip him in the leg but I didn't try for fear of getting stomp on.  I run fast but he can easily catch up with me because of his long legs.  


Watch Buddy, the Pit, steal my frisbee.  lol

Buster is Maddie's older brother


Buddy enjoying his new chew.  Bye frisbee!

Danny says, "Ah Sinjin, I think you should return Elvis' toy.  His mommy is looking for it."

This is Elvis and  I stole his ball.  However,  let me clarify and say that I never take any toys home.  Stealing is just one of my games at the dog park.
Danny, Me, and Gunnar

This is Koya adopted 2 wks ago and the new sister of my friend Shyla.



It was getting dark and time to go home, I did not want to go.  Mom and Dad both pretended to leave the park.  They called my name, they enticed me with treats, they played hide and seek, and all they got from me is a smile.  Nope, I did not budge.  But when they actually went behind the 2nd gate, I got worried they were gonna leave me there so I tried to peek through the first gate.  Buddy and Elvis came over  to check out what's going on.  All of the sudden, Buddy started barking at my Dad.  Buddy's human was too far away to control him.  A German Shepard was about to come in but couldn't because Buddy was blocking the entrance way.  Because Buddy was barking, I started barking too but not at Dad, I was barking at the German Shepard.  LOL   Finally, Koya and Shyla were going home and their human calm down Buddy.  Mom went inside the gate and asked Shyla's dad to help her lure me inside the waiting area.  Koya and Shyla went inside first and I followed.  The 2nd gate was opened and Mom rushed to close it before Shyla got out.  Mom finally got hold of me.  She thanked Shyla's dad and said goodnight. She did not scold me but she did say to Dad that it was all my fault for causing all this hoopla because I did not respond to them when called upon.  They already know that I don't respond to my Recall word.  I pretended not to know what she's talking about because it is never my fault.