Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Boys

Last night while Mom was cooking dinner, Dad and me snuck out for a short walk.  He felt sorry for me being coop up for 2 days.  Thank goodness because I was going batty. I needed to see and smell the outdoors besides our backyard. It's the 3rd day and I feel better except for the occasional coughing.  Anyway, last week at Dog Park B, there were 3 Lilys.  The 9 month old Lily and I played for the most part.  Then there were a couple of non neutered male pits.  I tried to stay away from them.  The brown one tried to dominate the black one, Eclipse, who was pretty calm.  His human came and try to look for the brown pit's owner because she said that eventually Eclipse will snap.  The brown owner finally came and leash his dog and averted a fight between the 2 pits.  There's a rule at the dog park that all male dogs must be neutered by 6 months old.  Apparently, some people just don't pay attention to it.  There was also a couple of akitas and I took a sniff at them.  They chased me for a little bit but I was too fast for them.  I decided to stay away from them because I don't like being double team and I don't want to get trampled on by heavier dogs.  Splatt!  Won't be able to take it.  

At Dog Park A, the squirrel was taunting us.  It was cute to see Coco jumping up and down looking for squirrel.  Even though I have cat-like traits, I wish I could climb up the tree.






Mr. Vicious but he was not vicious at all.

Sheera, a pal of mine
I forgot the name of this dog but Mom and Dad saw his humans at Safeway an hour later.  They didn't greet each other at the dog park during our play but they greeted each other at Safeway.  That's  what I call a weird human trait. They should have just smelled each other's butt earlier like we do.  Hahaha....

Sasha and Hiro trying to entice me to come down the table.  Are you kidding?  I ain't that stoopid.  lol

Hiro and Me

Saying 'hello' to Ozzie and then telling him to get off my table!  

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tikarex said...

Yes, Sinjin..I do believe that squirrel was teasing you!! It's nice to meet some of your friends...the pits are pretty big dogs!!