Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6 Month Old Today

Whoopee! I had fun yesterday at the dog park. At first, I was ganged up by the "barkers" pack: Mason, Miko, and Rocco. I met them last Sunday. I did not like it at all. So Mom and Dad moved me to the big dog park. I had more fun there. I played with Maddie the poodle then with Stacks, a 4 month old pit. Then, I really had a good time with Barney the terrier. Towards the end of our play, Mom threw a ball and I was about to chase it when I collided with Barney. I hate to admit it but I cried. Mom rushed to me and tried to comfort me by rubbing my head and she kept saying, "oh poor baby, it's ok Sinjin". Then I heard this lady said, "I think he was just shock and now he is milking it." Hey Layyydee, it was real pain. I wouldn't be crying and whimpering if I wasn't hurt. Geesh. While Mom was cuddling and petting me, Dad finally comes over and says "Man up Sinjin, you are a big boy now." Hmmmm, will I ever get sympathy???? What would it take? Some blood perhaps? Good thing I had an ally in Mom. After my concussion as I call it, :) we went for a short walk around the park before we left to have dinner. I got some treats at home and I forgot all about the collision. And tonight, I get to see my buddies in Puppy Class II. Can't wait.

With Stacks
With the "barkers"

With Maddie

With Barney

Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you say Woof Woof?


This is Mason and Rocco and they are barkers. I was underneath the bench where both our mommies were sitting. I dug myself a borough to cool off and I refuse to leave. I guess Mason did not like that I was near his mom.

We went to a dog park early Sunday and then we visited with Sparky and Bebe. Lo and behold, I met a tiny Maltese named Sasha. She's here for 2 weeks before she goes back to Brazil with her mommy. All I want to do was play with her but she keeps barking at me. What did I do? I'm such a charming playful fella and she's scared of me. It was such a hot day and we went for a walk uphill again. Mom was smart enough not to go. All the dads went out for a hike while the moms stayed home to cool off and kept Sasha company. Sparky, Bebe, me and all our dads were all panting as we got back home. Water and ice cubes for everyone. I got hungry and I ate some of Sasha's food. My mom asked permission of course.
Saturday, we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. I got to meet with other shibas walking around. My mom thinks Rocky is so handsome. What am I, chopped liver? Someday, I hope to grow up just like Rocky. :)

Dog Park action---I played with Hayley and there was this little dog trying to hump her while we were playing. Bizarre. It's a good thing I'm not on that stage yet, only with my pillow. LOL Mom asked if Hayley was in heat and her human said that she was spayed. Dogs will be dogs.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday Night Date

It's turkey neck day! Mom left it with my dinner so she and my dad can go out to dinner in SF and see Conan O' Brien who is on tour for the first time. Me thinks there's a pattern here. Turkey neck equals Mom and Dad are on date night. But duh! I forget about it because I love 'em turkey necks and I don't mind being left alone. Plus, they were so excited to see me and vice versa that I try to milk it. :) I just fold both of my ears and hover over them. They think it's really cute. Come to think of it, this is the first time I heard Mom got overly excited to see me. She's usually very good at not using baby talk to me. Normally, she would greet me in a monotone voice and doesn't even pet me till she takes off her coat. But tonight, she kissed me on my forehead and says "Hi Sinjin, how's my baby?" Then Dad and I roughhoused for a little bit.

By the way, I lost a bunch of pictures and videos taken mostly in April because our home computer crashed. Mom wasn't able to copy the April stuff yet on a disc. The computer was attacked by some bug and my Mom spent 4 hours trying to fix it. Boy, would I love to get that bug myself and show him my ninja butt move!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello Family

Here are more cute pics of moi!  1.  I was following a sharpei.  2.  At Pacific Heights.  3.  At Berkeley.  4 & 5.  I had to stay in the backyard because the cable man came by.  6 & 7. Waiting for Mom in the car while she ran a quick errand. 8. Extreme closeup.  Mom likes taking these kind of shots.  9.  I'm stretching after a long nap...yawn.

Yesterday, my Dad took me to this trail far away from home.  It rained so it was muddy and I had so much fun---sniffing, rolling around and  getting wet.  Mom said, "you smell like a dog".  D'oh, what did you expect?  So I got a wiped down when I got home.  Mom threatened to give me a bath but she got busy with cooking so she forgot.  Anyhow, she read on the internet that it's better not bathe a shiba too often.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Met new friends

On Sunday, I met and played mostly with Kelly. She was at the park earlier but she was so shy that she really didn't want to play with other dogs. After an hour, her human was gonna take her to the big dog park but they moved to our side of the bench. That's when we started playing. Her human even said Kelly was finally coming out of her shell. We played exclusively for another half hour before we had to leave. I had so much fun. She's a good girl. The day before that, I met an adult shiba male. I tried to play with him but he would not have it. He even growled at me. His human said that he is like a grumpy old man at 5 years of age. lol So I learned my lesson and just bugged him a few times. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Humpy Hump

A few days ago, I was having some sexy time with my pillow when I got my first boner and did not know what to do. My mom got all worried because she saw how quiet I got and stood there for a few minutes. She told my dad to google what to do. Of course, he was too busy watching UFC fight online but he finally came over to check me out. Dad was amused. Mom did the googling. She tells dad that after 20 minutes, if his penis is still outside the skin, go to emergency because it might get infected. Luckily, I recovered after 8 minutes. Whew! Since this is a family blog, you will only see my face while I was pondering what to do. ;-)
Yesterday we went back to SF. I think we keep going back because my mom misses the city and would prefer to live there again. She keeps calling our area the "boonies". The city smells are certainly different. I haven't gotten tired of exploring it. But mind you, I like where we live. It's near the water and lots of grass for me to roll around in.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beautiful Day

We went back to SF for a short visit and Mom googled this picturesque dog park. It was funny to see my mom stopping a few times to climb up the stairs. She didn't run this time. Yes folks, more stairs to get to this place. Boy, was it worth it for the view! I played mostly with this Boston Terrier Lulu who tried to dominate me. I had such a great time. By the way, we found out later, there was an easier way to get to the park. At least my mom and dad got some exercise. :-)