Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can't keep a good shiba down

It was pouring rain Saturday. The sun came out briefly and I went to the dog park with Dad.  I was the only one there as usual.  I guess most humans don't take their dog to the park after it rained, could be muddy.  Luckily, Dad doesn't care cos Mom is the one who will have to give me a wipe down and clean my paws. This time, he left my leash on.  Dad tossed my ball in a rope toy up and it got stuck on top of the tree.  He tried to toss a couple of rocks to get it down with no luck.  Oh well, we just played with my tennis ball.  When it was time to leave and I wasn't ready to go yet, he caught me rather quickly, on first try.  Dang this leash!  Then Mom and Dad left me alone for what seems like forever cos' they had to go to a birthday party.  Mom even left me a turkey neck, turn the tv to Animal Planet and took off.  No goodbyes.  I was like, should I follow her or eat my turkey.  Obviously, I took the turkey.  When they got home, they brought me a burger from In N Out.  Guilt!  

A couple of more humiliating cone pictures


Took a walk after it rained, we didn't go to the beach, waves were pretty strong.


Got to play with Maddie again but this time, husky Luna was there.  She was picking on Maddie.  No one picks on Buster.  Perhaps we all know that he is a Senior dog and we respect that.  

Me, Maddie,  and Luna looking on




Friday, November 26, 2010

I Like Turkey Day

Two turkeys (roast and smoked), ham, cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, corn, brussel sprouts, steamed broccoli, raw veggie platter, sesame challah, and four kinds of pies: coconut cream, pecan, banana cream and custard pie.  My favorite?  HAM.  I have never had this before.  It was sooooooooooooooo good that I didn't bother eating the turkey.  Dad made a plate for me in the backyard. I wasn't allowed indoors.  They are not dog people, not our house, their rules.  It wasn't bad, I got to play around the yard. I was curious to be indoors though because I like to hang out with humans. Mom set up my crate with toys.  I can see my parents through the sliding door.  Mom played kickball with me once and tossed me a couple of small cheese cubes.  Every half an hour or so, 1 or 2 men would come out and kept me company while they were smoking.  That's also when I tried to sneak inside the house every time the smokers come in and out.  After the football game, Dad walked me around the neighborhood for half an hour.  But let me tell you again about the ham---it's delicious!  I could eat it daily. I was so happy that Dad gave me so much ham.  He was rather disappointed that I didn't eat the turkey wing.  Good thing says my Mom because I am not suppose to have cooked bones.  I ate a little bit of broccoli and sweet potatoes. I ignored the mashed and the sausage stuffing.  Ham, ham, ham, that's my new favorite human food. Going home, we got lost because instead of back tracking, Dad took a different route.  That's when Mom and Dad were talking loudly and my cue to creep back into my den.  Must tune out sparring parents.  LOL  No pictures during Thanksgiving dinner, Mom was busy yacking with the peeps.
A little bit of dog park action on Thanksgiving morning

Me, Moses, and Sage
Moses tries to bring me down but I got away. Luna running to join the fun.

Moses, Luna and Me

The night before, Luna and I played as well and we were joined by another Luna, a husky.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kibbles at the Park

As long it's not pouring like cats and dogs, we take a walk or go to the park.  Yay!  Mason and Henry were the only 2 dogs Sunday morning.  Mom was talking with Henry's dad and it was him who suggested that we get a cone for me to prevent my scratching.  Thanks a lot Henry's dad!  Hmph!









 The following day, I met 2 brindles.  They look like siblings and they ganged up on me.  We had fun for a bit.  I prefer to play one on one or run with the pack.  When Mom saw that one of the brindles got me by the neck and pinned down, that's when she stopped the play.  It looks bad but we continued playing after our time out.  A buddy of mine Chase the Spaniel was there too but he was only interested in playing fetch with his humans.  I played "soccer" with Mom for a little while too.  By the way, lately, Mom has been bringing a handful of kibbles because I get hungry after play.  For some reason, I prefer eating them at the dog park.  I ignore my bowl at home. ;)  She makes sure there aren't any dogs around when she gives me my kibbles.  I get jealous when Mom gives some to any dogs.  It's mine.


Monday, November 22, 2010


Sunday night, I started wearing a cone because my scab is not healing properly. I have been scratching it when it starts to dry. It's fun.  :)  But I'm not having fun now.  Why oh why do  I have to wear this thing when I didn't have to when I lost my balzac months ago? In fact, I look so morose that my dad took it off.  He couldn't stand to see me so sad. He's a softy.  Mom puts it back on in the morning.  Waah!  Hate it.

Hmmm, don't remember his name

Shaking off sand




Sunday, November 21, 2010


We stayed 20 minutes at the dog park Friday night because it was raining.  There were 3 huskies at the park.  One of them is my buddy, Shyla.  I already submitted and let them smell me but they kept picking on me.  I was getting overwhelmed so when I got near Mom, she put my leash on and I did not run away.  I wanted to go too.  A rather short visit to the park but the good  news is that we went to Petco to buy me more liver treats and Earthbath wipes. Then, we went to my favorite restaurant, McDonald's drive thru.  Hahaha... I always get the dollar burger.  It's my favorite treat.  Too bad I don't get the bun as well just the burger.

 A few days ago, I met 2 cats on my walk.  But they never want to play with me. I kept asking them to play with me.  I'm harmless.  I really like cats. Hint hint Mom, I want a cat for my companion.  Pretty please with lots of shiba shuggah in it. ;)

And this kittykat I met the following day.  She/He is my favorite and this was our 4th meeting.


Checking the backyard for snacks

I'm getting very sleepy


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Last night I had my 30-ft leash on.  Mom was not taking a chance.  We practiced my recall word at the dog park for 10 minutes and I came to her once.  lol  She finally had to let me go to play.  I was too distracted.  Anyhoo, some dogs are clueless.  I steal their ball and they just stand there and look and wait.  They are suppose to take their ball back so I can chase them.  Duh!  Because it's getting dark earlier, my playtime has been cut off to 30 minutes at the dog park.  Of course this problem would be solve if they had lights at the park.  
Rosie enjoying the grass

A Husky was hovering over Mom, he can smell treats.


P.S.  The tv couch is finally mine!