Saturday, October 23, 2010

High Anxiety

This Husky was very dominant.   He took a ball I was playing with and I couldn't get it back.  I got a little anxious when he kept chasing me.  I have to remember to submit right away so we can start playing.  It was obvious he wanted to play.  But the Shiba in me do not give up that easily.  I finally had to though because he was picking on me and he is much stronger.  Once I  let him think he is the boss of me, we played for a bit till he got diverted into joining his pack.  There were 4 huskies that day belonging to different owners.  Shyla was one of them and she's a friend.  She kinda ignored me while she's with the pack. When the pack started greeting new dogs that come into the park, I joined them.  We ran and chased a particular dog till he or she submitted.  My parents thought it was funny when I  tag along around the periphery  with the big dogs.  I was the 5th Beatle.  


Interesting about this dog---the owner drives around the parking lot back and forth so his dog can follow him around.  It's the only way his dog can get exercise.  According to one of the humans near Mom,  this dog doesn't like to socialize with other dogs, play ball or even go for a walk.  I decided to run with him by the side of the fence.  It looked like fun.
This dog wasn't interested in playing ball with me.  

Normally, I would be chasing butterflies.  On this particular day, the grass was more interesting and tasty.  =)

There's nothing like the water hose game to get me going.  I did the Shiba500 afterwards.    




Saw a house with Halloween decor and I decided to investigate it.



Lullabying me to sleep

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tikarex said...

Sinjin..that was so and the dog running back and forth by the fence while its owner drove!! The lullabye was so were sleepy!!