Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Chase

Too much fun yesterday.   First, Dad had errands to do and I came along with him, then to our local dog park.  Apparently, he has forgiven me for bolting on him again a couple of days ago.  Mom says it was his fault because he left the gate open long enough for me to take off.   Dad was in his car to look for me.  I was barking at kids with backpacks going to school.  Hahaha...  Then Dad found me by someone's lawn doing my business.  He tried to grab me but I was done and got away.  Another Hahaha... I went back home and I saw Mom walking towards the park and I ran after her.  She greeted me and told me to sit but I saw the leash around her neck so I walked away.  She didn't follow me.  That's when she ran towards home and I followed her. Dad arrived.  I went to a neighbor's house because I can see her cat from the screen window.  Mom asked her to lure me in and she almost got me but no cigar.   I ran by the alley which was a big mistake because Dad blocked the exit while Mom was on the other side. That's when the game finally ended.  Dad was really pissed.  

Played with Fritz

  This dog was enjoying himself. :)

My new toy Piggy

More with Fritz

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm a 10

That's right, I'm 10-months old today.  I had half of raw turkey neck for breakfast and an early walk at the beach.  But the celebration really started last night at my great aunt's house.  We went there for dinner and met my human uncles, aunts, and cousins.  One little cousin was crying all the time when I approached her.  She was scared of me.  Dunno why, I am usually a charmer.  I just want to get to know her and smell her diaper.  She's 3 and her little brother, 2, was ok with me.  In fact, we played "chase" for awhile and I stole a couple of his toys.   Mom fed me fish and chicken with cantaloupes and mangoes for dessert.  I think Mom is coming around to feeding me human food as long as she can control it.  Not that it matters anyway because I can get Dad's scraps most of the time when Mom is not looking.  ;-p  Still, she worries that I won't eat my kibbles. 

With Ruby, a shy rescue trying to get to know me

Found this toy and claimed it.  MINE

But I played mostly with Artemis, a mix Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She was pretty feisty.  At one point, she got me and I screamed.  Had to shake it off and back to play.  Oh well, it's part of rough housing.  As long as there is no blood drawn, it's all good. 


Friday, August 27, 2010

Flying Dude

Saw this guy trying to fly.  I barked.  He looked weird to me.  Mom as always was very amused by this.  Had a great time by the beach.  I wanted to play with the big dog but he was too busy following his flying human.  I stole his ball and played with it with Mom. 


I did not want to go home yet.

Checking out Shasta's backyard to see if I can bug her.

At the dog park a few days ago

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sinjin is my Name

 I hear Mom calling me Baby all the time.  How's my Baby?  Come Baby.  Then there's Dad with "here Boy, easy Boy, down Boy.  So, my full name must be Sinjin Baby Boy.   I have 3 names.  I actually respond to Baby and Boy sometimes but not too often. :)  But for the most part, I would rather be called by my first and legal name.  That's Sinjin by the way and not Shin-jin.  I have heard people call me this name.  Mom doesn't bother to correct them if we aren't going to see them anymore.  I almost gave my parents a heart attack yesterday morning by bolting again.  I heard Dad called my name but I ran.  Then, he stopped calling my name and he didn't follow me.  I was curious so I sat down and waited.  Why aren't they chasing me?  Mom and Dad got into the car to look for me instead.  They saw me right away.  I was just a few yards away.  Dad lowered the window and called my name while Mom got out of the car and opened the back door.   I jumped into the backseat.  Both of them said, "thank you for coming back to us Sinjin."  Mom added pleadingly, "and stop running away" as she puts my seatbelt on.   LOL
Playing with my new toy

Car wash anxiety
Peekaboo, I see you 


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Delightful Weekend

More fun with the folks and grandpa.


I tagged along when Mom visited grandma.

After we left our hotel, we went to another dog park before we headed home.  This one was a fenced park.  It was soooooooo hot.  I tried to play by the shade.  Pissed me off that the aussie kept going to Mom to be petted.  I tried to stop it by jumping up on her and then I used my back end to shoo the aussie way.  It worked. I'm not the jealous type, I just don't think other dogs have the right to be petted by Mom.  They have their own moms for that. Just sayin'.  Am I right or am I right? ;-)

Ironic how both of my playmates were a lab and an aussie before I left for our trip and just before coming back home.