Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stubborn as a Shiba

Someone told Mom that they will soon enforce the No Dogs Allowed policy at people's park near our house which is too bad. Dogs can only walk on pavements and be on leash. Are you kidding me? I love the grass. There's no way I will pass by it and not roll around it. Unfortunately, Mom will have to break the law and keep an eye out for cops so I can continue having fun. It's the right thing to do.

Morning Fog

 I got to play with Maddie again the other day and this time, Danny joined us.  He is very TALL but so playful.  This is only our 2nd meeting.  I think it was easier to nip him in the leg but I didn't try for fear of getting stomp on.  I run fast but he can easily catch up with me because of his long legs.  


Watch Buddy, the Pit, steal my frisbee.  lol

Buster is Maddie's older brother


Buddy enjoying his new chew.  Bye frisbee!

Danny says, "Ah Sinjin, I think you should return Elvis' toy.  His mommy is looking for it."

This is Elvis and  I stole his ball.  However,  let me clarify and say that I never take any toys home.  Stealing is just one of my games at the dog park.
Danny, Me, and Gunnar

This is Koya adopted 2 wks ago and the new sister of my friend Shyla.



It was getting dark and time to go home, I did not want to go.  Mom and Dad both pretended to leave the park.  They called my name, they enticed me with treats, they played hide and seek, and all they got from me is a smile.  Nope, I did not budge.  But when they actually went behind the 2nd gate, I got worried they were gonna leave me there so I tried to peek through the first gate.  Buddy and Elvis came over  to check out what's going on.  All of the sudden, Buddy started barking at my Dad.  Buddy's human was too far away to control him.  A German Shepard was about to come in but couldn't because Buddy was blocking the entrance way.  Because Buddy was barking, I started barking too but not at Dad, I was barking at the German Shepard.  LOL   Finally, Koya and Shyla were going home and their human calm down Buddy.  Mom went inside the gate and asked Shyla's dad to help her lure me inside the waiting area.  Koya and Shyla went inside first and I followed.  The 2nd gate was opened and Mom rushed to close it before Shyla got out.  Mom finally got hold of me.  She thanked Shyla's dad and said goodnight. She did not scold me but she did say to Dad that it was all my fault for causing all this hoopla because I did not respond to them when called upon.  They already know that I don't respond to my Recall word.  I pretended not to know what she's talking about because it is never my fault. 


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