Sunday, July 31, 2011

Meeting Sparky

Sienna turned 8 month-old a few days ago and we celebrated by introducing her to Sparky, Bebe, and the newly adopted dog Peanut.  We visited with them and then we all went for a walk without Bebe who has ear an infection.  Peanut was neglected by his former humans and was basically left tied to a tree in their backyard for most of the days while they are at work. The humans finally did the right thing by putting an advert on craigslist for Peanut to be adopted.  Sparky was adopted 10 years ago after he accidentally escaped from SPCA and got tarred during a construction as a pup.  We had a great time walking freely as everyone got along and most of all,  Sienna enjoyed her day going into the water.  

a brief dog park action the day before

Mild-mannered Osso

Sparky meeting Sienna for the first time


Peanut holding my leash


My pack



We met a couple of shibas on our way out.



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Time

Another beautiful day at the beach.  Dad took us further down for a walk and we saw nude sun bathers.  I guess it's legal for humans to be nude at this particular beach cove.  I thought only dogs can go au naturel and have their stuff dangling.  (^_^)


Hamming it up for the tourist

Smelling people's feet

Avoiding waves

Look Mom, sandy tongue!

Enjoying the view and people watching

Just had a snack

Thursday, July 21, 2011

All is Forgiven

We got boarded after the picnic.  =(  I thought we were going to a friend's house but boom!  No goodbyes.  There were 3 other dogs in the house.  When they picked us up the next day, I have never been so happy and glad to see anyone in my whole life.  I thought we were abandoned.  I ran all over the room. I kept jumping on and off the couch from excitement. I gave Mom and Dad kisses.  I kept making these noises of happiness and relief.  Sienna ran around the room too.  She jumped up on Mom and gave her tons of kisses.  We were moving and wiggling so much that our parents cannot put our leash.  The sitter told Mom we got along with the other dogs and that for first time boarders, we did really well. There was no crying and we went into our crate when it was time to sleep.  Such well behaved dogs she said.  However, we did not really eat our dinner.  She said that is to be expected for first timers.  Then Sienna led Mom to the front door, she can't wait to get out.  The first stop was a nearby dog park then lunch at El Pollo Loco.  Had fun at the beach for an hour and off to Beverly Hills.  Mom just had to get her favorite truffles and she browsed a couple of shops.  Passersby were gawking at us.  A few people took our pictures.  I felt like a celebrity or one of the tourist attractions.  Dad obliged everyone who asked about us.  He must have said 'shiba inu' a dozen times.  A couple of people noted that we were too friendly.  I guess we get a bad rap for being aloof.  Then we were off for a short hike.  Thank goodness Mom was not wearing proper shoes or we would have been hiking for a longer period.  I was ready to go back to the hotel.  But do we?  Nope!  Why do we have to see sunset?  Who cares?  We drove back to Pacific Coast Hwy and all the way to Laguna Beach for dinner.   We got to the hotel by 11pm and I slept like a baby.  Sienna vacillated between her bed and under our bed and gave a few soft barks when she heard noises.  I didn't care this time.  I just wanted to sleep.



This giant dog wanted Mom to pet him.

At the hotel room

Hannibal Sinjin
Supposedly to deter me from barking.  Hated it!  I forgive you.


Dad coaxing me into the water.  Oh heck no, he's crazy!
Sienna avoiding the waves






Sienna likes to sleep under the bed too.
Sienna woke up early to play, guess she wasn't too tired like I was.


Quick morning walk to do our business
Morning roughhousing

Last look at the pool