Friday, October 29, 2010


Can one dog have too much fun?   YES.  I had so much fun yesterday. Gotta be the best birthday ever and I've had 9 this year.  lol  




Mom making sure I don't burn my nose

Saved the cake for later

More interested in popping the balloon

Nap time before the park


I refuse to wear the hat for photo op.


That's right Mom, I ain't moving till Squirrel comes down the tree.





Patience is a virtue




Then the squirrel moved to another tree and my bloodthirsty Mom kept egging me on.  

I got tired of waiting so I played with 5-month old Myka.  She's pretty feisty. It was a great day and when I got home, I got to eat people food for dinner. Did anyone say burger?



tikarex said...

Awww Sinjin...loved the birthday pics and even had a musical sweet!! I think the squirrel wanted to be friends..Myka is a real cutie..hope you get to play with her again!!

Yoshi and Family said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Sinjin! You are a wonderful pup and you are loved by all admirers. Your parents really know how to spoil you as you well deserve every bit of it. Happy Birthday, Sinjin!