Monday, October 18, 2010

Not a Water Dog

Yes, I rather wait for the toy to float near me before picking it up.  I dare not go into the water.  I can't swim. At least, I don't think I can.





On Saturday, I had a play date with Maddie.  We had so much fun.  At one point, I let her drink from my water bottle.  Then, she started being possessive of Mommy.  Every time I want to get near Mom or get a drink of water she would start blocking me.  I finally had to snarl at her and tell her to cut it out.  Besides I'm 2 months older than her, she should respect me. :-)









By Sunday, it was lightly raining.  To my surprise, Pepe was at Dog Park B when he usually goes to Dog Park A.  It was so good to see him.  I always like playing with him.  He was one of the first dogs I befriended when I was very young.  ;)  We played for about 10 minutes cos' his human didn't want to catch a cold.  Mom went back to the car as well while Dad and I played for awhile till it really started to pour.  Someone told Mom about a feeding supply store a few weeks back and we just happened to drive by it as we were going home.  I was allowed to go inside and a Bull Terrier who works there welcome me.  Mom gushed over him. She keeps calling him Target dog and Spuds when his name is Xylo.  The owner of the store gave me some treats but I wasn't into it.  Mom just bought a couple of Evo canned goods for me to try on and they added a few samples of California Natural, Evangers, Evo, and Wenaewe dry kibbles.  As Dad and I went around the corner, I saw a rabbit and a bunch of birds in a cage.  I got so excited.  I wanted to play with them.  It was like heaven.  I want a bird or a rabbit Mom!








tikarex said...

Awww Sinjin..I'm pretty sure you can just don't want to get wet!! Xylo is a cutie. Bet you had a grand time in the pet store checking out the birds and rabbit!!

Jerry said...

Sinjn you are a character! I bet you can swim if you had to!You'd rather have the wave bring your ball back to you!
Looked like you were having fun with your friends at the park, even Maddie even though she got bossy!
Love you Sinjin!!