Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cutie Pie

Her name is Josie.  Mom thinks she's the cutest thing.  She's only 16wks old and this is the second time we have met at the park.  She's the little fatty who can knock me down.  She might be a pup but she tired me out.  We just wrestled for the most part---no chasing around.  She doesn't really run and prefers to walk.  Mom is gaga for her.  I should be jealous but I'm not.  I know I'm a beautiful handsome dog.  People have said so.  And most of all, I know Mom loves me.  I'll give Josie the cute award.  Besides, who can compete with a dog in a dress?  ;-)

After playing with Josie, I played with the BB's.  Big Bitches.  Naya the Husky and Sasha the German Shep.


Friday, July 30, 2010

New Route


Mom can be such a killjoy.  I didn't want to move.  I wanted to explore the other side.  We were in a new territory after all.  It wasn't our normal routine walk.  I love the fact that Mom wants to mix it up by exploring different neighborhoods. But when she led me to the steps, I was all for it.  I ran.  As usual, Mom was taking her time climbing up the stairs by the time I got to the top. 

And again, I did not want to move.  I sat there for a long time trying to tell Mom I was not ready to go back home.  She doesn't listen to me.  She can be so stubborn.  We are both Scorpios so we clash all the time. 
Dog park action with a Newfie, Sheera, Izzy, and Trouble.  Trouble kept trying to hump Izzy.  Mom gets annoyed when humans don't pick up their dog's poo because they are busy yacking.  If she knows the human, she will let them know by being the dog park town cryer and say "Number 2" or "crapola on the ground".



Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The shiba picnic was great fun and Mom is still talking about it.  Yawn. \-0  Get over it already.  I'm 9 month old today and that's more important.  Where are my new toys and my treats????  Me thinks I got shafted with that gift basket. I'll take another empty vitamin water bottle please.   Oh well, at least I got a good walking and sniffing early today and some dog park action just before sunset. However, Mom had to give me a good wipe down because I got slobbered.  I don't want to name names (it was S***ra) because she's a new playmate and would like to play with her again. The piece de resistance of the day is that I got to eat human food which is a rarity for me unless it comes from Dad's plate.  Whoohoo!

Playing with Maya, Sierra, and Hiro


Maya invited me to join her in the water but I politely declined.

Bonus clip of me at Sparky's backyard.  I was a bit naughty.  :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tired but happy

This is what I looked like during our trip on our way home.  I was tired.  Mom was just happy that I came out of my crate and use the cool pad.  I didn't use it on our way to LA nor at the picnic so Mom used it on her lap in the car.  However, the seat belt harness annoyed the shiba out of me. For some reason, there were a lot of tomato trucks on the road and Mom was amused by this.

Waiting at the gas stop

This is Yuki, a 3 year old rescue.  Unfortunately, she is not socialized according to her humans. They admitted that they haven't even taken her to a socialization class nor a dog park.  I kept trying to play with her.  Rambo tried to play with her too.  ;-) 

Special appearance by Sakura when I started digging.  Did I tell you how much I love to dig?

I also had the best time with Ai.  She's a tiny 3-year old black and tan.  I must have nipped her mouth or tongue because she yelped so we had timeout.  She was ok.  No blood drawn.  Her human allowed her to continue playing with me.  We were at it for a long time. :-)


Next 3 pix courtesy of Ai's dad

Rambo and more shibas