Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For my 5th month birthday, I got 2 new toys and got to play in the snow for an hour. I love snow and it's been a couple of months since I've seen one. It would have been cool if I wasn't wearing this harness and leash. Still, I had fun exploring, digging, and rolling around. Mom, always the planner, wanted me to see the snow before it melted away. I think she wanted to see it too. We are on our way to visit with my other Grandpa when we exited as soon as we saw snow. Mind you, it wasn't on the side of the road because that would be dangerous and illegal. I laughed a few times when both Mom and Dad lost their balance walking because the snow was soft. I heard a few !~^#**^~@*%&! words from them as they slipped. lol Typical Californians, not even wearing the proper gear. Come to think of it, don't even think they have snow shoes.

Then, instead of going to Grandpa's we go to a dog park and it's huge. They don't even have a fence and you can go off leash. I was in heaven. I met a few rat terriers and this little one I've never seen before. It is so tiny I just want to scoop him up. Afterwards, Mom stopped at a cemetery to visit her mom. I was too tired to go with her so I just stayed in the car. I was so excited to meet Grandpa. He sat next to me in the car and I kept kissing him. Dad dropped us off at a cousin's place so we can rest and socialize while he goes to the hotel, check us in, and watch the Final Four. I ate my dinner, kinda early (6pm) while they eat theirs. Dad came back to walk me a little later. I was so tired. I slept like a baby not in my crate but between mom and dad. For some reason, mom allowed me to stay in bed---must be because it's my birthday or because it's a hotel bed. ;-) She fears an accident might happen which it did not. I saved that for the following night. Hahaha...I love birthdays. I'm lucky to have them every month.

At the dog park ------

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hmmmm, something's up

We went to the mall this morning. I stayed in the car while mom ran errands. Then she took me for a quick walk around outside the mall. I rather not walk. I just want to lay down by the grass, go sunning, and people watch. When we got home, Mom brought in 2 luggages from the storage. I thought it was empty. She starts putting on more clothes and packing it in. Wonder where we are going?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Puppy Class #5

Oscar and I were playing before class and his human noticed a pink stain on his neck. She said it must be blood. So she grabbed Oscar to check while Mom was inspecting me. No wounds on Oscar. No wounds on me. Mom held me close to Oscar's mommy to check my mouth. That's it! I'm losing my puppy teeth and I'm bleeding. Then Deacon came in and I played with him. This time, Mom saw the stain on Deacon just above his nose. Mom asked the teacher what to do but she said nothing---nature taking it's course. She said it's easier to see it on white dogs. Anyway, I had so much fun last night because I got to play more with my pals and there a lot of treats during "Stay: Distance, Duration, Distraction" lesson. The T.A. was throwing treats at me and he kept saying "Good boy, good wait." Not once did I cross the barrier because if I did, I would hear "Uh oh". Then it was Mom's turn to throw the treat and she gave me lots of goodies. Even my Dad, for the first time, participated during my exercise. I did really well I thought. Only thing I haven't mastered is the peeing. Hahaha... I peed again just before class. Thank goodness, I didn't poo like Lola did for the second time. ;-) My Mom doesn't pick Deacon or Brownie during grab and hold because they are getting bigger and heavier. She goes for Suki or Cash every time because they are still tiny like me. =) It was a great night.
Me and Oscar
Me, Deacon, and Oscar

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Videos

Shout out to family and friends especially San Diego, Boston, Manhattan, and Halifax. Just videos of me having fun this past weekend. Enjoy!

German Shepard looks on as I enjoy the grass. :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Only Me and Mom

I was at the dog park by my lonesome self yesterday. After exploring and marking certain spots, I just chilled. Mom threw the ball a few times but I wasn't really interested. Then she wanted to practice the Recall word but I just ignored her. I rather chew on half of the tennis ball and kick back. Then a 10 year old rescued chow/retriever mixed called Yoyo came in with his human. I wanted to play with him but he was more interested going from tree to tree looking for squirrels. While my mom and his human talked, I followed Yoyo around. It was a beautiful morning.

Grandpa came for a short visit today. I was so happy to see him. I jumped up and down and gave him puppy kisses. Then, he moved from the couch to a chair. I guess my excitement overwhelmed him. I offered him my chipmunk toy to play with but he wasn't interested. So I just hovered around him trying to get his attention. He petted me a few times. After about 20 minutes, dad and grandpa left. Mom gave me a raw turkey neck to occupy me. She was at the door and I just looked at her and proceeded to chomp my turkey. She left the tv on. It was on the news, then Man vs. Food, then it changed to Dogs 101.

They went out to dinner with Grandpa. They were gone for about 3 hours. Mom came in first and I greeted her but she just sort of ignored me. I followed her into the kitchen. After a couple of minutes, she petted me and asked how I like my turkey. Then dad came in and greeted me with excitement in his voice, "Hi Sinjin, how's my boy?" He sat down on the couch and I jumped on him and peed on his shirt. I guess I just got excited. All he said was "Oh no" then he called for mom. Mom came in and asked dad, "Did you tell him NO in a commanding voice?" I was about to pee again on the carpet and she said "NO" in such a loud voice and picked me up to go to the backyard where she said "Go potty here" as I continued to relieve myself. I then went back to my turkey.

P.S. I don't like my new crate.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Class Time

Before class, mom took me down by the beach to tire me out. I met rescue dogs from this nice couple: a lab Lola, a mother (16 month old) and her son 9 month old Eddie a mixed chihuahua, Lucky, unknown breed. My mom was being polite and said that Lola was chubby. Her human said, "Lola is fat, that's why we come here to exercise her and she loves the water. We try to feed her once a day but it's difficult with 4 dogs. She tends to finish their food." Mom suggested separating them during feeding time. Anyway, I had fun trying to get Lola's ball and chasing the chihuahuas. Guess what mom, you did not tire me out. I still had energy in class.

"Drop it, Steady, and Heel" were last night's lessons. Before class, Deacon's dad sold us his old crate for $5. Deacon got too big for it. Deacon is my favorite friend in class. While Teach was yacking, Deacon and I were playing in the back. I like the fact that Deacon has a soft mouth and doesn't really bite. Plus, I love playing with his droopy ears. He likes me too. He is often on his back right away when we first meet and we like to gang up on Cash. ;-) I missed Oscar, he was absent. Suki, the shy Bernese and whiner came in next and I was surprise to see her more sociable. She greeted everyone. Mom said she grew bigger in a week. Apparently, Suki has been taking one on one lesson with the Teach 3 times a week. No wonder she got so excited and happy when she first saw the Teach. During the grab and hold session, Suki didn't whine and wiggle as much either.

Steady is used for pleasure walks. We practiced this one by one. Deacon and I were playing again before our turn. T.A. gave each owner pig's ear to entice us pups. Then while I have the treat in my mouth mom would say "drop it". We also practiced our Recall and I did not respond to my mom's word. Teach thought that mom's voice sounded mad and that's why I didn't come to her. Actually, it was more because I was distracted by the different treats the humans were giving their pups. I wanted what they have. Before we left for the night, Teach reminded our parents that our window of primary socialization is closing forever. We need to be introduce to at least 100 people of different races old and young. I'm not worried. I'm Mr. Social after all. In less than a month, I have been to 4 different dog parks 2 times a week, been to a kid's party with 24 kids and their parents, met 8 neighbors, met 2 uncles and their wives, met 4 cousins, met 6 of mom and dad's friends, and not to mention the countless of people who stop to greet and pet me while I'm on my walks. I must be really cute.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It Can't Get Any Better Than This

Back to back to back day at the dog park at 3 different locations. First, I met with Hootie a Cocker Spaniel, Julio a miniature Chihuahua, and Lady a mixed Poodle on Saturday. Interesting note what Julio's parents said---they bought him at a Flea Market because they felt sorry for him. I don't think it's legal to sell pups at a flea market. Mom will look into that. Later that afternoon, I played with Kayla at a park with agility course. And today, I met lots of dogs at a muddier park. What can I say? I had so much fun. There was one incident when I got into with this Pug who enter my space while my mom was giving me a treat. Mom had to carry me up so I won't bite that little pug. Boy, was I mad! I never barked so loud. How dare she try to get my mom's attention! Other than that, I had great fun chasing the other dogs. I made friends with a Beagle called Charlie, Siomai a mixed Shih Tzu, Lobo, a miniature American Eskimo, and Lily a mixed Jack Russell. What a beautiful Day! To top it all off, we went to a pet store and I got new treats and 2 toys. I am soooo happy.

Life is good

A walk early in the morning and an unexpected dog park visit yesterday just before sunset with mom and dad.  It wasn't even the weekend. Thanks to daylight savings. Whoohoo!

Friday, March 12, 2010

3rd Day of Puppy Class

I know my classmates now. Deacon, Oscar and I got there early and played before they all arrived. During the "grab and hold" portion of the class, I was the last one picked because I kept running away. I squirmed like most of the pups but at least I wasn't whining. So far, Suki has been whining every time. We played hide and seek. One by one, we were held till our mom or dad called for us with a "Recall" word from the other side of the room. Mom's word is "Now" and I did very well, thank you very much. Unfortunately, I still peed in class, just once though. I get so excited seeing my classmates. The following day, Mom tried the Recall word and I actually abided by it at home. But once we went to the dog park, I wasn't paying attention at all to all the basic commands. I just want to run free and play. Mom did not seem frustrated that I wasn't obeying her. But she sure tried, bless her heart.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mom's Idea

Every time we go for a walk, I spend rolling around the grass for a good 15 to 20 minutes. It's heaven to me. So Mom decided to buy 8 patches of sod for me to play in since we have a concrete backyard. Dad just wanted 2, so they compromised to get 4 patches. They went to Home Depot while I stayed in the car. Mom put the sod as soon as we got home. I love it!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Filled Saturday

I love Saturdays. Played with Pepe early in the morning. This time, mom brought her camera. I was on the big dog area for a little while but missed Pepe so I went back to continue rough housing with him. He left early because his human had to go to work. We met a black and tan shiba named Suki but she was snotty. Her companion was more amiable. My dad let me out off leash again. Mom was against it. We played ball for awhile then I went to the enclosed baseball park and ignored my parents calling out for me. My dad had to climb over the fence to try to corral me. I went out of the park the same way I got in---a small opening underneath the fenced door. Then I ran to the trail leading to the lake. They called out for me and they pretended to leave but I just kept going towards the lake. I saw a rabbit and chased it. After 15 minutes of freedom, my dad finally caught me by the bushes. He was all riled up and was reprimanding me. For a second there, I thought he was gonna hit me. Mom just put my leash on and said to my dad, "he is not suppose to be off leash and I hope you learned your lesson." Dad is just as stubborn as I am. He came from old school where you let your dog run free and feed them scraps. My mom, on the other hand, is strict--no off leash in public and holistic food.

In the afternoon, we visited with Sparky and Bebe. I played mostly with Sparky and we took a walk. Sparky lives near a hill with a panoramic view of the city. I had so much fun exploring unfamiliar trails. Then my parents left to run a few errands and to buy my dinner. Mom checked Sparky's food and she did not like the ingredients. They came back with treats for all of us. Sparky chomped on his bone, Bebe was hanging on to hers, and I went into the backyard to hide mine. I kept bugging Sparky and he finally got pissed at me. His human put him on time out to another room. Mom said it was ok, it wasn't Sparky's fault. Good thing Sparky was only gone for 10 minutes while I eat my dinner. This is the first time I've had dinner without kibbles. This new canned food was really good. Mom gave Sparky my bone but I didn't care since I have tons at home. I was really tired when we got home. I just slept after my little snack.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vet Time-- March 5, 2010

do they know, I was doing it for the chicken treats. After exhausting day. my exam, I met a mixed Husky who was waiting for her shots. We played for a few minutes but I had

Early this morning, I went to the Dog Park and played with Pepe. We went to the big dog's area since it was empty. It was pretty muddy because of the rain. Pepe and I played on top of the picnic table. Too bad my mom forgot her camera. Pepe's human told us about the guy with 4 dogs who were herding the goats. Funny thing is, we saw the goats about a week ago. I didn't know what to do with them. I just stood there and peed. :) We went to the vet's office. Dr. W said I was a good boy. She gave me 2 shots today. I didn't make a sound. I met 2 Weiner dogs who were both shy. I greeted them but they did not want to play. While waiting at the office, mom was practicing sit and down with me. The receptionist was impressed. Mommy was so proud of me for showing off what I learned in class. Little do they know, I was doing it for the chicken treats. After exhausting day. my exam, I met a mixed Husky who was waiting for her shots. We played for a few minutes but I had to go home. It was an exhausting day.

Eaplayed for a few minutes but I had to go ho

Thursday, March 4, 2010

2nd Day of Puppy Class

My teacher called me Mr. Social last night. Apparently, I'm the most sociable pup in the room. We had 2 new pupmates. Finnegan, a yellow lab and Oscar, a white hairy dog. I'll find out his breed next week. They were both scaredy-cats. LOL I greeted them but they were so timid, so, I just played with Cash and Deacon. Cash and I almost got into a fight and the T.A. separated us. Cash started it. He growled at me funny. Remember, it's never my fault. ;-) I'm a player, not a fighter.

We practiced Sit, Stand, and Down. We were grabbed again by other humans. I was the last one to be picked cos' I rather be free and walk around. Finally, this big dude got me and I squirmed. I settled down after about a couple of minutes. Suki is such a whiner. She wouldn't stop so the teacher and the one holding her exchanged puppies. She was still whining but in lower tone. My mom was surprised to hear that the teacher doesn't endorse The Dog Whisperer. She says they don't show it on camera but they use electric tazer for unruly canine. She talked about her pit bull and how they get a bad rep. The breed that's a biter is a Chow. Why? She said they were bred to be eaten in ancient times. She also said that the best dog food are grain free and avoid by-products because they are made of chicken feces. YUCK!

I peed again. Just once. Mom had to clean it. Good thing I didn't poo like Lola did. lol My dad attended tonight's class but he was just watching. We were taught to Leave it/Take it. I wouldn't sit still. When dad saw that I was ignoring mommy, he came over to hold me down. Then he asked the T.A. to help me out. I paid attention to the T.A. then my mom took over. I guess this exercise is used to ask us to leave something alone. I like to take the remote control or the cordless phone from the coffee table and mom would always say, 'No'. I'm not sure I'm getting all these commands yet but I sure like the treats. I know how to Sit Stand and Down but I get distracted easily that I don't do them in class. Anyhoo, I enjoyed the class.

Third video is of Shasta, a neighbor dog who barks a lot. I really wanna be friends with her but she keeps barking. I keep trying. I also made a birthday greeting for Sophie.

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