Saturday, May 1, 2010

What the Fudge?

I had my routine morning dog park event and as usual, I had fun.  I didn't have a particular friend to play with.  Chase was there but he was on the little dog park.  Mom and Dad avoided the small dog park today because Mom doesn't like a particular owner who was there as well who shall remain nameless ---a pug owner.  LOL  I ran around and played with Dad.  Then, Shyla tried to play with me by taking my red ball.  And you know how possessive I can be with my own toys.  So after I safely took my toy underneath Mom's chair, I played with Shyla.  She's friendly enough but I really want to play with someone my own size.  :)  There was a hound who kept barking and someone said, "Stop barking".  The hound's human said loudly, "Don't tell my dog to quiet down, this is a dog park, where are they suppose to bark and run free if not here?"  He makes a good point.  As long as his dog is not harming anyone, I don't see why we dogs can't bark.  Even my Mom restrains me from barking when I hardly bark at all.   After over an hour, we had to leave and we went to the clinic.  I am proud to say that I now weighed 22.2 lbs.  Then, all of the sudden, I was in the back room while my parents waited outside and I yelped very loud.   They drew blood.  WTF!  I hate needles.  Mom gave me a treat as soon as I came out of the room.  $89 bux for the blood test and I heard the lady say, "see you in 2 weeks Sinjin."  Oh oh.
Here's a video of me last Sunday.

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