Monday, May 31, 2010

Muddy Monday

Yesterday, I got to play with Holly again. We had so much fun. I got all muddy. Then after about an hour, Holly was very submissive and all the dogs were surrounding her. She got spayed a few days ago. She was on her back and she smelled funny to me. All of the sudden, I tried to have sexy time with her as other dogs were nipping or picking on her. That's when Mom yelled my name. I did it again after a few minutes and one of the humans grabbed my collar. She was concerned I might pull off Holly's stitches. Mom said "it's a good thing he's getting chopped in a few days. It's the first time he has ever tried this." One of them said, "oh well, it's his first and last fling". But when I tried it for the third time, that's when Mom got the leash and got me out of there. As punishment, she had me professionally bathed and clipped my nails. I guess I was too muddy for her to give me a bath herself. I was so scared. I was whimpering. I hate bathing. But when I saw Mom after 2 hours, I was sooooooooo excited to see her. And she was so excited to see me. She got all googoo on how handsome and clean I was. To top it all off, I got lots of compliments as I strut my stuff. The downside is Dad didn't take me on my nightly walk. Mom wanted me clean and smelling good for at least 2 days. Good luck on that!

This was after bathing. I gotta admit, I like being clean. :-)

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tikarex said...

Poor little do hate baths..but you look so handsome after!!