Sunday, May 16, 2010

Take Me Out To The Dog Park

I was a little miffed at my parents for not taking me to the ball park yesterday but they sure made up for it when they got back and took me to 2 dog parks.  :-)  So I like to take other toys...big barking deal!  This couple was complaining about how I stole their purple frisbee from their bag and wouldn't give it back.  It belongs to their dog Jackie.  I thought it was so much fun when Dad started chasing me and kept saying "drop it".  And I wanted to say say to him, " Hey Dad, we are not in class anymore, I don't have to pay attention to you."  Then the man  and his wife tried to help Dad corral me but as usual, I got away.  They thought it was cute but the woman reminded my Mom that it's ok to play with the toy as long as we don't leave with it.  Not sure if my Mom was offended but she ignored the woman's statement and got into the action, encouraging Jackie to take her toy away from me.  It's too funny seeing 4 humans go after little ol' me.  It's the best game I've ever  played in a long time.  Mom let this go on for about 15 minutes or so because she knows how to get the toy back.  Finally, Jackie's humans were no longer amuse by my antics,  so Mom brought out the big gun---the spray bottle.  She just sprayed me twice and I let go of the frisbee.  That's also the cue for us to leave and onto another dog park.  

At the second dog park, Mom brought a volleyball for me.  We stayed here a little longer and I played with 3 other dogs.  Mom tried to practice basic commands with me but I just wanted to play "soccer" with them.  

Bonus clip of me enjoying my Dad's Sanuk sandal.  At first, Mom told my Dad to say "leave it" which he did.  But then, he said, "let him have it, no big deal."  


tikarex said... are so cute running with the volleyball in your mouth!!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

Thank you, Mommy and her friends think so too. ^_^ I heard a lot of "awwwwwws".

Chris said...

Sinjin I haven't laughed so much in I don't know how long! Thank you SO much for the frisbee video to go with the visual I had from reading of your adventure! LOL!