Friday, May 28, 2010

I Got A Feeling

That tonight is gonna be a good night, yeah, yeah.  That's right, 7 months today and I know I will get presents.  Can't wait to chomp on it whatever it is. Dad was rushing this morning and couldn't find his keys.  He took the spare and as he was leaving, that's where he found his keys dangling at the front door knob.  It's a good thing we have a gate door or someone could have just let himself in.  It was kinda comical.  Then Mom yells after him, " don't forget to get Sinjin a present, it's his birthday."  To which he replied, "do we have to celebrate his birthday every month?"  Without a beat, Mom says  "yes until he is a year old."  Right on Mom! High Paws!  :-)  Then Dad says, "Happy Birthday boy, come, give daddy a kiss."  And that's my cue to stop dead on my tracks and just look at him.  There's something about the word 'come' that makes me want to ignore anyone who says it.  


Chris said...

Happy Birthday darling Sinjin!

tikarex said...

Happy 7th month adorable little boy!! Hope you got a new toy!!