Friday, May 7, 2010

"Hello, nurse!"

On our way to visit with Dad's friends, we stopped by PetSmart to get a treat for their dogs.  Dad was talking to one of the trainers telling him I seemed somber.  The trainer said because I was entering the adolescent phase, almost like being a teenager.  We were waiting in line to pay when all of the sudden my ears perked up and saw the cutest little cream shiba.  What a babe!  I got so excited.  Her name is Miwa and she is 5 months old.  They were on their way to class but they came early to socialize. Her human asked if we had time, we can play inside the pen.  Then one of her classmate, a Pit, arrived and all 3 of us play for awhile.  Mom and Dad abandoned their stuff at the register.  They were excited to see us play.  LOL  So the 3 of us were playing when the pit kept holding on to her tail.  That's when the trainer interrupted the play for a few seconds.  Then we were back at it again.  I got overly excited and I peed.  Mom and Dad cleaned the floor with paper towel but the trainer came back with a mop.  Regardless, I continued playing.  The humans talked for awhile. I wished I was in this class.  Anyway, we had to go after 20 minutes.  They are planning to go to the picnic so we'll see them there.  

Check out her happy ears

Look at my fangs, don't worry, it's all for show. This is how we do it.

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Chris said...

Sinjin, you look SO fearsome with those teeth showing! LOL....but you're really a little sweetheart, aren't you???