Friday, May 14, 2010

Small But Cute

This labradoodle is 10 months old. I enjoyed playing with her but she was just trampling on me with her long legs.
Sometimes I have to admit, that even though I don't want to concede defeat, some dogs are just stronger than me. It's a curse of being a small dog. This Pit was a month younger than me but his body weight was just a little too much. Mom and Dad allowed us to play for about 10 minutes but Dad had to break us off because he knew I didn't feel comfortable anymore. Besides that, my parents do not like it when they don't see any owners nearby. Mind you, I had fun playing with him in the beginning. I guess I just need to bulk up.

And this is me looking for a cat that jumped over the fence. I wish Mom would let go of the leash. I am meant to chase small animals. It's quite frustrating.

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Chris said...

AWWW Sinjin you are the cutest and becoming so regal looking....those big dogs have nothing on you. Love the kitty hunt videos!