Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day in a Life

Mom woke up to this mess. She wasn't mad. I heard her say, "it's a good thing it wasn't all over the house but only to his area." She cleaned it up rather quickly without acknowledging me.

I followed Dad to the bathroom this morning and he forgot to close the door. While he was taking a shower, I took a role of toilet paper and went to town. Yes! There is something about shredding paper in general that is so much fun. :-) I slept most of the day. I was pooped from waking up so early and playing with my new toy. ;-P Mom took me for a walk today because Dad went to a hockey game. Even though I love going for walks, I hate the collar, the leash, and the harness. I wanna be free. I always give Mom or Dad a hard time about putting on my collar.

During our walk, I saw a cat but Mom restrained me. Then I wanted to play with a small dog but he was behind a fence.

I rolled around the grass and stayed put. Good thing Mom brought her phone to occupy her because I wasn't going to budge till I'm ready. I was hoping she would bring a lawn chair next time so we can just hang out. I have a BIG smile because I got my way.

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Chris said...

Sinjin, you are too precious! I know exactly what that TP room looks like since I've seen it in own home...LOL...