Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Whew! My castration was scheduled for tomorrow but Mom canceled the appointment when they gave her the estimate for it which included the microchip. It was just way too expensive and it's not in our budget. So, I get to keep my balls for one more month. Yippee! Too bad she found a cheaper place in another town but they have a waiting list. I won't think about that for now. Today, I got to play with Allie, a 4-month old boxer. We were at the park for 90 minutes and I played mostly with her because we got to the park early. I also got to play with an Australian Shepard, a Cavalier, and a Pit/Terrier mix. I was kinda overwhelmed because I was tired from playing with Allie by the time the other 3 dogs came. I got muddy again but not as bad as Allie. She decided to flop down by the muddy area while I climbed on top of the picnic table to rest. Mom tried to clean my muddy paws before class tonight. She was having a difficult time removing dry mud. :) Anyway, I'm just glad that I am still intact. There is a GOD-DOG after all.
De stuffing my hedgehog

Enjoying my chew
Grooming before I go to sleep
Look at me now
And here's a pic of my Balzac before they are gone. I miss them already.

With Allie---having the time of our lives


tikarex said... are so funny won't miss your "balzac"!!! hee hee...

Chris said...

It will all be okay, Sinjin; your mom won't let you be in pain. Just enjoy those beauties while you have them! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, little dude, I can relate. Every male wants their Balzacx. lol Enjoy your free month and don't dwell on it. I'm sure your parents will treat you like a prince when it's done.