Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucky Me

I had the best time yesterday and today.   I played with a pug named Sophie and she's a little thug.  She was trying to hump a few of the dogs at the park.  We ran around  a few times and she actually got me by the neck.  When she started growling funny, that's when her owner yelled her name.  Then 2 adult shibas came but they were sooooooo shy.  The owner said that the male shiba Yoshi did not quite make it as a show dog but was used to being crated.  So when they got him from a breeder in Tennessee, he would not come out of his crate for several days.  Their other dog Sumiko gets nervous and drools when other dogs are present but she loves humans.  I knew right away that they were not interested in playing.  Mom tried to pet and play with them but with no luck.  After about 20 minutes, Sumiko let Mom pet her.  

Mom and Dad went to another ballgame and they left me at Sparky's house.  When they got back, Sparky's Dad was telling my  parents  that I bolted as soon as they opened the door and 3 adults looked for me for half an hour.  Sparky's Mom was quite worried I might get run over by a car. To top it all off, I like to eff with Sparky and it got a little heated when his dad saw me nipping at Sparky and stealing his rawhide.  His dad got mad at me.  I was put into another room.  Ok, I admit it, I want to egg Sparky on so he would play with me but all he wants to do is eat or lounge around.  B-o-r-i-n-g!  So from now on, no more treats for us and we will be separated when we visit with them.  Too bad because I really like Sparky.  Then we went to another friend's  house and this time they have 3 dogs.  I ate some of their food because I got hungry.  Peppermint aka Pepe the Chihuahua and I sized each other up and I played with him for a little while.  I would mark an area then Pepe would mark it again then I'd mark it back.  LOL  Kora and Ficus ignored me after the initial greetings. 
Ficus, getting to know me
 Kora and Peppermint

We got home around midnight and I didn't get to take a nap during the day.  I just wanted to sleep and went under my parents bed.  Dad didn't try to get me out as he would normally do.  After 20 minutes I went back to my own bed.  Dad woke up at 6am and let me out the backyard so I can relieve myself.  By 8am, I went into the bedroom and I woke up Dad so he can give me hand to climb up onto the bed.  The bed is too high.  I kissed Mom and Dad and slept at the foot of the bed before changing my position and sleeping between them.  We all woke up at 10am and had a lazy Sunday morning.  By mid-afternoon I met all kinds of dogs at the dog park.  I played mostly with Billy the beagle.  He is 9 months old and is already 15 lbs overweight.  His Mom said it's because her husband feeds him bad human food. Hint hint to Dad.

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