Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lost, not me

Dad was watching basketball last night and all of the sudden, we hear Mom crying. She's watching her favorite show Lost on Tivo and apparently she didn't expect a death of a couple of characters. She wasn't bawling but she did say "Oh No! Why can't it be Kate?" so loud. That's when she came out of the room and explained to Dad what happened. Dad doesn't care. He looked at her like she was batty. I, on the other hand, was curious and followed Mom to the other room. Nothing to see here, no dogs on tv screen, don't understand why she cried. Mom petted me, gave me an ice cube from her glass, and kicked me out of the room. "We'll play later after the show, go bug your Dad" as she shuts the door. And so I did. Dad threw my gorilla toy about 20 times when he says, "enough Sinjin, Daddy wants to watch the game." That's my cue to settle down on my mat and pick a chew from the many bones before me. At about 10pm, we were gonna go for my nightly walk but I was tired. Dad tried to coax me to the door but I just sat there staring. Puppy class and the dog park tired me out.
Maddie and I had a great time.

My posse, Butterball and Pebbles. They follow me around. That's right, I'm the boss of these two.

And here is Dug, a one year old Bernese Mountain Dog---I played with him as we were leaving the dog park. I would have rather stayed with him than go to class last night. :) The problem with big dogs is that they slobber. The day before it was Max and now Dug gave me a saliva bath. Yucky! =( Mom gave me a doggy wipe down since I already had a bath the night before. She doesn't want to hear the shiba scream again. I can be very very loud. Did I say VERY LOUD?

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Chris said...

You are so fearless, Sinjin - love the way you can run right under him!