Monday, May 10, 2010

Dog Park Galore

Last Friday, there were kids at the small area dog park and they were running around. They want us dogs to chase them for some reason. So, I followed along but one of the boys looked at me funny, I started barking at him. One of the owners asked him to stop egging me on. Mom came over to see what's happening. She kept me occupied by playing "fetch" so I wouldn't follow the kids around. They kept running around. Then Mom saw a black and tan shiba at the big dog area and told Dad about it. He immediately picked me up and placed me at the big dog area since both of them have had it with the kids running around the DOG park unsupervised. I introduced myself to Jumi and I followed him around. He is 2 years old and was more interested at barking at the kids at the small dog area. His human said that he only barks at little kids. I, on the other hand, will bark at anyone who looks at me funny. :) They are not going to the picnic in June.

Saturday was all about me day. We went to 2 dog parks. First, we went to a fence less dog park where I can run around as much as I want to. I have never seen so many dogs. I met 3 shiba bitches. Hahaha...I love saying that. They were older and I played with the one who is half shiba. We had fun running around. Mom told their humans about the picnic and they plan to go. Mom ate her lunch while Dad played with me. Then Dad ate his lunch while I followed Mom around. She was walking towards the bay. It's a 23 acre park. Dad caught up with us and we kept walking. I love the tall grass. It feels so good on my face. We were at the park for almost 2 hours. Mom walked ahead while I hang back with Dad and drank water. I played with a Lhasa Apso, Boxer, and Labradoodle for awhile. Then Mom raised her hand, called my name, and said, "now". I was about 40 feet away. I came running to her. She was so pleased with me that she showed PDA towards me. ;-) Then they tricked me to go up the picnic table with a treat and that's when Dad put my leash on. They ran a few errands, stopped by a relative's place and onto the next park late in the afternoon. At about 6pm, we went to a friend's house and luckily for me, they were barbecuing. Dad gave me a few slices of the tri-tip. Yummy! Sunday it rained but Dad and I went to a new dog park in the morning while Mom stayed in the car. I was there by myself but I enjoyed it so much. We played for about half an hour when the light rain turned into a pouring rain. My paws were muddy. I tried to kiss Mom when I got into the car but she averted her face. As soon as we got home, Dad gave me a bath for the first time. Mom told him it was his turn. Note to self: Avoid mud because it means bath.

Running like the wind

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