Monday, August 2, 2010

2 Dog Parks

We went to 2 different dog parks on the same day.  Unfamiliar dogs.  Lots of big ones.  It's really funny how big dog owners are more nonchalant while teacup owners are more overprotective.  But I think all dog owners should be mindful of their own dogs.  Now Mom and Dad  are  laid back.  They like to let things play out.  I was the tiniest dog at the park and they didn't seem to care.  There were 4  big dogs harassing me and two of them were particularly persistent.   But I caught Mom's face when she thought this Husky bit my tail.  I did not like that at all!  I showed my fangs but he didn't back down.  The owner said that's his style of playing.  So Mom observed again and it was true, the Husky wasn't biting my tail, he was trying to unroll my curl.  Mom thought it was amusing.  Anyhow, Dad sat by the picnic table and I followed him.  I needed a break from the big dogs.  They all want to play with me even this tiny Boston terrier pup among the sea of big dogs.

Checking out the small dog area.

At the other park earlier, I played mostly with Neilani, a 15-month old Argentine Mastiff.  She's massive but playful and friendly.  Mom asked her human if she is always mistaken for a pit bull and she said yes.  There was also Sadie, a brindle pit and Tucker, a border collie mix who was more my size.   I don't think my Mom likes these 2 dog parks.  According to her, the dogs are fine but there just wasn't enough shades and it was too dusty.  But I had the best time playing so that's what counted!  lol


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Yoshi and Family said...

Sinjin, I love the photos of your toofies. And how dare that dog mistake your cute tail for a cinnamon roll! Trying to uncurl your cinnabon! Glad you had a terrific time at the 2 new dog parks. You are a well socialized shiba!