Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sinjin is my Name

 I hear Mom calling me Baby all the time.  How's my Baby?  Come Baby.  Then there's Dad with "here Boy, easy Boy, down Boy.  So, my full name must be Sinjin Baby Boy.   I have 3 names.  I actually respond to Baby and Boy sometimes but not too often. :)  But for the most part, I would rather be called by my first and legal name.  That's Sinjin by the way and not Shin-jin.  I have heard people call me this name.  Mom doesn't bother to correct them if we aren't going to see them anymore.  I almost gave my parents a heart attack yesterday morning by bolting again.  I heard Dad called my name but I ran.  Then, he stopped calling my name and he didn't follow me.  I was curious so I sat down and waited.  Why aren't they chasing me?  Mom and Dad got into the car to look for me instead.  They saw me right away.  I was just a few yards away.  Dad lowered the window and called my name while Mom got out of the car and opened the back door.   I jumped into the backseat.  Both of them said, "thank you for coming back to us Sinjin."  Mom added pleadingly, "and stop running away" as she puts my seatbelt on.   LOL
Playing with my new toy

Car wash anxiety
Peekaboo, I see you 



bertieMC said...

Wow Sinjin, nice layout and you are on tweeter too. I'll have to open an account so I can follow you. Please listen to your mom and stop bolting. And don't worry about the car wash as long as you are inside the car. It's too cute.

tikarex said...

Yes Sinjin..please stop bolting...loved the pictures of you and the little dog on opposite sides of the fence..

hollielout said...

Oh Sinjin! Not enjoying the car wash are you? Hollie doesn't like it either...but she is a BIT more dramatic! Love you BIG BOY!