Friday, August 6, 2010

Tres Belle

It's official.  I'm not quite 25 lbs. yet but Mom and Dad both decided that I no longer belong to the small dog park area. They said I was having  fun anyway, if not more, at the big dog area. Unfortunately, they don't have a section  for medium size dogs.  Bye bye to my pals Barney, Reuben, Truman, Chase, Jamba, Sadie, etc.  unless they come over to the big dog area or if there are no yappers then I can visit with them.  This lady from the small area came over near the fence and asked Mom if I belonged to her.  She, too, has a shiba, 4-month old Belle.  She said she was gonna bring her over a little later so we can meet.  In the meantime, I got to play with Mom.  She couldn't really kick the ball but she tried. Then I had to do my business and I ran so fast.  I like to go where it is isolated towards the edge of the park.  Since it was a big park and Mom was hobbling, she did not find my calling card. ;-)  Then Belle, Buddy a 7 year old Sheltie, and their mom came over.  Belle and I played for the most part and I took a second to greet Buddy. Both moms took their cameras out and started taking pictures while talking and comparing notes about being a first time Shiba owners.  

Met Chase briefly but they were leaving.  Good thing about Chase and his parents, they come over to the big dog area once in awhile.

Jules was at our area but her owner was cool.  He let Chase and I check her out.  Her barking made me jumped.  LOL


Taking a good sniff from a newcomer



Towards the end of my playtime with Belle, I got distracted by 2 dogs from the other side of the fence.  I ran around with them as it were while they barked.  

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tikarex said...

Sinjin...congrats on joining in with the big dogs now!! Hope you still get to see your other pals though!! Looks like you and Belle had lots of fun playing together!!