Saturday, August 14, 2010

My oh my

THREE dog parks in one day.  I must have met about 50 dogs today.  Yup, I'm the luckiest shiba.  Their plans for today fell through so Mom's brilliant idea was to have an all dog park day today.  Yay!   First, we were at a Berkeley dog park.  I played mostly with an Aussie and Beany. 

Beany, taking my spot at the table
 After lunch, we headed to Pt. Isabel, my favorite off leash park.  Mom did not walk for too long and sat on a bench to rest her left foot.  She decided to take photos of dogs passing her by while Dad and I continued our walk.  A Vizsla pup and I played for awhile.  I met a 6-year old shiba who was on a leash.  His humans seemed surprised to see me without one because they don't dare let their shiba off leash.  Dad explained that they only do this at certain parks.  Then I saw Mom on the other side and I tried to find a way to get back to her without swimming but no luck.  Dad called me a few times to follow him back.   He said to Mom, " as soon as we crossed the bridge he took off and left me in the dust.  He didn't even look back."  I ran so fast to get to Mom. I missed her.  Her face lighted up when she saw me running towards her.  She petted me, gave me a kiss, and offered me water.  After about 10 minutes when Dad finally caught up with me and sat down on the bench, he said, " I guess we know whom he loves more."  Aww Dad, I love you too, I just missed walking with Mom.  :)  

"How was your swimming lesson?"  ;-)

Joey, a 10 year old rescue from So. Cal.  He spent 2 years at the pound before he was adopted.

We went  back to our place for a couple of hours so I can take my nap and onto our neighborhood park before dinner.  I cannot believe that Mom left me off leash again to get to the fenced area.  I played "steal the toy" with Sophie and Maya.  I also saw a Giant Schnauzer.  It was a fun fun day.  


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tikarex said...

3 parks in one are some lucky boy Sinjin!! Loved the pics of all the dogs!! Looks like you had a grand time trying to keep the other dogs from getting your toy, even though you did lose it in the end, lol... love how you can change directions on a dime!!