Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Chase

Too much fun yesterday.   First, Dad had errands to do and I came along with him, then to our local dog park.  Apparently, he has forgiven me for bolting on him again a couple of days ago.  Mom says it was his fault because he left the gate open long enough for me to take off.   Dad was in his car to look for me.  I was barking at kids with backpacks going to school.  Hahaha...  Then Dad found me by someone's lawn doing my business.  He tried to grab me but I was done and got away.  Another Hahaha... I went back home and I saw Mom walking towards the park and I ran after her.  She greeted me and told me to sit but I saw the leash around her neck so I walked away.  She didn't follow me.  That's when she ran towards home and I followed her. Dad arrived.  I went to a neighbor's house because I can see her cat from the screen window.  Mom asked her to lure me in and she almost got me but no cigar.   I ran by the alley which was a big mistake because Dad blocked the exit while Mom was on the other side. That's when the game finally ended.  Dad was really pissed.  

Played with Fritz

  This dog was enjoying himself. :)

My new toy Piggy

More with Fritz

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tikarex said...

SINJIN!!! You bolted again....don't do that! Loved every minute of the "catch me" game didn't you....cute little devil..lol..Beautiful pics!!