Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out the Window

Mom hurt her foot yesterday so Dad took me to the dog park by himself.  Let me say that I'm ok.  Dad fessed up to Mom that the car window was too low and I fell out of it and landed on the pavement.  Good thing he wasn't driving fast.  This is the thing that scares Mom the most when we are driving and the window is too low.  Mom wasn't there to nag Dad about the window or putting my seat belt on and definitely no pictures of my playtime.  ;-)  Dad thought he got off easy because Mom was calmed and said as long as Dad has learned his lesson, it's all good.  Mom started cleaning me with the wipes when she noticed that I have a scrape on my left rear hind leg.  That's when she got upset and asked Dad to clean my wound and put a band aid.  I'm fine.  Mom gave me the once over again.  Dad even asked Mom if he could give me a couple of ribs without the sauce.  He felt guilty.  :)  Here are pictures from a week ago.  Met a couple of sibling chows: Yoshi and Mochi, Buddy the adult pit, Sheera the brindle pup (a friend), and Nima the husky.

Nima saw a gopher and Sheera was checking it out.        
Sheera started barking at Yoshi  because I wanted to play with her. :)  Sheera is a little jealous. :)

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tikarex said...

Sinjin...it was with absolute horror I read of your fall from the car..am so glad you are okay!!