Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Stuff

It's been hot the past few days.  Cooling off is fun but Mom is not too thrilled with me getting dirty.  Tough Shiba.  ;-p 

We visited with my grandpa this past weekend.  Before the 3 hour drive, we stopped by our dog park and I got to play with Taj the lab and Kira the aussie mix. There weren't too many dogs because it was too early.  For lunch, Dad stopped at In-N-Out Burger and got one for himself and a plain burger for me without the bun.  Mom had her own sandwich and she allowed me to have a burger because sometimes, she  gets tired of arguing with Dad about feeding me human food.  She hand fed me and the dog next to our table (we were outdoors) was whining. He was obviously jealous because I was eating while his own human was playing with her phone.  Once we checked into our hotel, I took a short nap before going to a dog park.  Then off to see Grandpa and cousins. I had the best time sniffing their place and finding all kinds of stuff to play with. The next day we went to another dog park and I got all muddy.   I had the best time chasing birds and running around with other dogs.  The only downer is that Mom and Dad dropped me off at Petco to get a bath and my nails trimmed.  The groomer said thank you to my Mom and Dad for warning her about the shiba scream.  lol


I let this kid pet me for awhile.  She wasn't so grabby and plus, she thought I was so handsome. :)

Dad likes this Basenji

Snoozin' at the hotel

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