Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm a 10

That's right, I'm 10-months old today.  I had half of raw turkey neck for breakfast and an early walk at the beach.  But the celebration really started last night at my great aunt's house.  We went there for dinner and met my human uncles, aunts, and cousins.  One little cousin was crying all the time when I approached her.  She was scared of me.  Dunno why, I am usually a charmer.  I just want to get to know her and smell her diaper.  She's 3 and her little brother, 2, was ok with me.  In fact, we played "chase" for awhile and I stole a couple of his toys.   Mom fed me fish and chicken with cantaloupes and mangoes for dessert.  I think Mom is coming around to feeding me human food as long as she can control it.  Not that it matters anyway because I can get Dad's scraps most of the time when Mom is not looking.  ;-p  Still, she worries that I won't eat my kibbles. 

With Ruby, a shy rescue trying to get to know me

Found this toy and claimed it.  MINE

But I played mostly with Artemis, a mix Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She was pretty feisty.  At one point, she got me and I screamed.  Had to shake it off and back to play.  Oh well, it's part of rough housing.  As long as there is no blood drawn, it's all good.

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tikarex said...

Happy 10 months old Sinjin!! To think you got to celebrate with a raw turkey neck...I bet it was some tasty..lip smacking good!! lol...