Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fetch This

Morning walk at the beach.  Saw some ducks but I wasn't off leash to chase them (not that I was going into the water anyway). lol  Mom threw something into the water and I waited for it to float nearer before fetching it.  I ain't no dummy.


I got to play with Danny, a Great Dane yesterday.  Mom thought he is so regal.  Anyhoo, a female husky came in while I was playing with Danny's toy.  We got into a tiff and she was on top of me growling.  I growled back and there was this woman who shouted, "your dog is very aggressive, leash your dog!"  She was saying it to the husky's dad and she was saying it in a rather rude way.  Mom and Dad looked at each other taken aback by the woman's over reaction.  That's why Mom doesn't bring my toys too often because I get possessive.  She knows that I don't like to share my OWN toys except with a couple of buddies.  However, I don't mind playing steal the toys with other dogs as long as it is not my toys.  After Mom put my leash on, she told the husky's dad that it's ok if they want to stay at the park as we were leaving anyway.  She reassured him that I was fine.

Me napping after our walk


tikarex said... are some smart to wait for the waves to carry the item to!! Loved all the pictures but especially the one of you walking with the great dane!!

Chris said...

Sinjin I love reading about your adventures - and then seeing them on video as well - you have such a good mom and dad. That Great Dane is huge compared to you.....goodness!