Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Bark or Not to Bark

I woke up my parents with my barking at 1 a.m.  Translation, Mom came out to see what's going on.  She discovered me barking in the kitchen.  When she turned the lights on, I was barking at a garbage bag.  My bad.  I thought it was  a monster or a kid with a hood on.  LOL  Mom showed me that it was nothing, just the garbage.  I got spooked.  Shibas are not known for their barking, just screaming.  ;-p  I guess Dad didn't take the garbage out.  She thought my barking was so cute.  I resent that she thinks I have a cute bark.  Mom went back to bed.  I was still riled up and rang the doorbell to be let out.  Mom got up again and let me out but I didn't go. I just wanted to check if there's any possum or cat passing by so I can bark at them.  I came back in and Mom stayed with me until I got sleepy.  She fell asleep on the couch.  She woke up around 4 a.m. and I followed her into the bedroom and took my place by the foot of the bed to sleep.  

I went to the vet the other day for my bordatella shot and fecal exam.  Mom said I was a good boy.  I didn't make a sound while the vet was prodding me.  She bought me a new treat from the vet's office  because I really like the ones the vet tech gave me.  
Me trying to get out while waiting for the vet

Mom took this pic at the vet's office 

And off to the dog park with Mommy after the vet's visit.  I played mostly with Riley.  I had so much fun till I almost got into a fight with Fenway, the aussie pup, when he tried to take my stick away.  No dog can steal my stick  and expect to get away with it.  It's my stick.  I found it.  It's mine. Because the 2 Aussies were barking, I barked at them too.  I just had to tell them off. 


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tikarex said...

Oh are soo funny...barking at the garbage pic at the vets wanting to leave! You are just adorable!!