Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can't keep a good shiba down

It was pouring rain Saturday. The sun came out briefly and I went to the dog park with Dad.  I was the only one there as usual.  I guess most humans don't take their dog to the park after it rained, could be muddy.  Luckily, Dad doesn't care cos Mom is the one who will have to give me a wipe down and clean my paws. This time, he left my leash on.  Dad tossed my ball in a rope toy up and it got stuck on top of the tree.  He tried to toss a couple of rocks to get it down with no luck.  Oh well, we just played with my tennis ball.  When it was time to leave and I wasn't ready to go yet, he caught me rather quickly, on first try.  Dang this leash!  Then Mom and Dad left me alone for what seems like forever cos' they had to go to a birthday party.  Mom even left me a turkey neck, turn the tv to Animal Planet and took off.  No goodbyes.  I was like, should I follow her or eat my turkey.  Obviously, I took the turkey.  When they got home, they brought me a burger from In N Out.  Guilt!  

A couple of more humiliating cone pictures


Took a walk after it rained, we didn't go to the beach, waves were pretty strong.


Got to play with Maddie again but this time, husky Luna was there.  She was picking on Maddie.  No one picks on Buster.  Perhaps we all know that he is a Senior dog and we respect that.  

Me, Maddie,  and Luna looking on




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