Thursday, November 18, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Last night I had my 30-ft leash on.  Mom was not taking a chance.  We practiced my recall word at the dog park for 10 minutes and I came to her once.  lol  She finally had to let me go to play.  I was too distracted.  Anyhoo, some dogs are clueless.  I steal their ball and they just stand there and look and wait.  They are suppose to take their ball back so I can chase them.  Duh!  Because it's getting dark earlier, my playtime has been cut off to 30 minutes at the dog park.  Of course this problem would be solve if they had lights at the park.  
Rosie enjoying the grass

A Husky was hovering over Mom, he can smell treats.


P.S.  The tv couch is finally mine!


tikarex said...

Your gal pal Rosie is a cutie Sinjin.her markings remind me of a

Sinjin The Shiba Wanderer said...

LOL. Yes, for a second there I thought she was a cow. (^;^)