Friday, December 3, 2010

Bah Humbug

Busy busy busy.  That is, I'm busy napping all day.  :)  I have more room to roam around now.  The forever sacred bedroom door has been open all day.  They usually leave it shut.  Thus, I have been exploring and hoarding stuff under the bed. I already get to sleep with them in the bedroom but this is the first time that the bedroom door has been wide open while I was by myself.  
Park time at night

It's dark by 5:30pm.  There were only 2 dogs at the park.  They are siblings.

We only stayed for 20 minutes.  It was too cold for Mom.


 Last night, Mom got me another crap I have to wear for the holidays.  She thinks it's cute.  Dad was against it.  "For pete's sake, stop humiliating him" he says.  Yay for Dad.  Mom promised I only have to wear it twice for less than 5 minutes. You notice I never smile every time I have to wear something.   Here ya go, have your fun.

Turning my back on Mom


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tikarex said... are just adorable with the antlers and bells on!! I hope you have a great Christmas!!