Friday, November 5, 2010

Ankle Again

A few nights ago, Dad and I were walking down a hilly dirt road.  Then Dad had a misstep and tripped face down.  He let go of my leash to break his fall and I got out of his way.  I watched him get up and that was my cue to take off.  LOL  I was free for a few  minutes.   Lucky for Dad, we were just a couple of blocks away from home and I was wearing my very long leash.  He caught up with me easily.  Darn it!  Mom took care of his bloody knee and his sprained left ankle and they went to the doctor the following day for xray.  No broken bones, just a sprain.  Lesson learned---bring a flashlight and watch your step in the dark.   In the meantime, I have been pretty busy keeping Dad company.  I haven't gotten my nightly walks for the past 4 days but I have been going to the dog park daily instead.  Not a bad trade off.
A BIG smile for Mommy
Left to right:  Shyla, Clarabel, Toby and Me

Clarabel and I taking a break



Met this dog while walking, she kept barking at me because she wants to play but can't come out.

We kept walking till I wanted a snack.


Different dogs at a different dog park



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tikarex said...

Sorry to hear your dad went for a tumble!! That really isn't the time to take off running Sinjin!!