Sunday, November 21, 2010


We stayed 20 minutes at the dog park Friday night because it was raining.  There were 3 huskies at the park.  One of them is my buddy, Shyla.  I already submitted and let them smell me but they kept picking on me.  I was getting overwhelmed so when I got near Mom, she put my leash on and I did not run away.  I wanted to go too.  A rather short visit to the park but the good  news is that we went to Petco to buy me more liver treats and Earthbath wipes. Then, we went to my favorite restaurant, McDonald's drive thru.  Hahaha... I always get the dollar burger.  It's my favorite treat.  Too bad I don't get the bun as well just the burger.

 A few days ago, I met 2 cats on my walk.  But they never want to play with me. I kept asking them to play with me.  I'm harmless.  I really like cats. Hint hint Mom, I want a cat for my companion.  Pretty please with lots of shiba shuggah in it. ;)

And this kittykat I met the following day.  She/He is my favorite and this was our 4th meeting.


Checking the backyard for snacks

I'm getting very sleepy


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tikarex said...

Awww just love those little kitties... kinda jumpy around them careful not to get scratched)