Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Meetup Escapade

I thought we were going to my favorite dog park. I started whining. I got so excited but when we past by a familiar exit and Dad kept driving, I went back into my den and sulked. It's a good thing I peed before leaving home because it seems like a long time to get to the place we were going. Are we there yet? Lo and Behold, Shibaland. So many handsome and beautiful Shibas. I ran so fast as soon as I was off leash that Mom lost sight of me because she had to check in. I ran towards the other side of the park, sniffing and checking out the perimeters.  It's a new dog park after all.  Dad came into the park and asked "Where's Sinjin?" He saw a couple of shibas running towards the gate and called my name. "Is that Sinjin?" He calls for me again, "Sinjin, come!" and Mom started laughing. She says, "You don't even know your own dog. He is on the other side." I greeted all the shibas and their humans.  Mom proceeded to pet and coo over other shibas. Then I visited the other breeds on the other side of the park. I even chased a couple of smaller dogs to which Dad yelled my name and said "Leave him". At one point, I wanted to go to the other side of the fence at the big dog park area. They look like they were having tons of fun. I played mostly with Kouki. He is a little bigger than me. He barks when he plays.  Mom likes Kouki because he is so friendly. Kouki likes Mom too, even his human said so.    I could tell this day is a special day because I was willing to share my tennis balls with the shibas. 

Stealing a toy again (^_^)
As we were leaving the park, I greeted an English Shepherd, we tangled and  suddenly I'm off leash. I took advantage of it before Mom could grab me and I  ran to the soccer field. Mom ran to the field and asked right away for help. The soccer coach tried but no cigar. I swiftly moved out of his way and the kids. When Mom realized that there was a game going on, she ran away from the field and I followed her. She asked a woman with a Shih Tzu named Max to help her get me. Mom knew I was attracted to small dogs and as I try to smell Max, Dad snuck from behind but as usual, I got away. :) Luckily, our host and Kouki and his dad were walking by and Mom asked for their help. I saw Mom petting Kouki and started giving him my treats. Not gonna work Mom. I know all your tricks. I'm not jealous.  I rather play.  Dad suggested we all go back to the park. All four of them walked towards the dog park along with Kouki and I followed them.  Our host closed the gate as soon as I got inside the waiting area.  Waaaaaaaaaah! Ambushed again.  Oh well, it was hecka fun while it lasted.

First 5 pictures taken by our host.  Thanks!








I wanted to check out the big dog area.




Greeting newcomers


What a happy happy day!


Anonymous said...

Woah! I get dizzy just from looking at all these shibas!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer said...

Hehehe, you should see Mom. I was tuckered out for 2 days.

tikarex said...

It would have been a great day enjoyed by all...glad you had so much fun Sinjin!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the shiba pics! Got anymore? Hahaha... Awww Sinjin, please stop bolting, you are giving me a heart attack. You are so lucky to have parents who will drive far far away so that you can have fun. So please, let them catch you. :)