Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kibbles at the Park

As long it's not pouring like cats and dogs, we take a walk or go to the park.  Yay!  Mason and Henry were the only 2 dogs Sunday morning.  Mom was talking with Henry's dad and it was him who suggested that we get a cone for me to prevent my scratching.  Thanks a lot Henry's dad!  Hmph!









 The following day, I met 2 brindles.  They look like siblings and they ganged up on me.  We had fun for a bit.  I prefer to play one on one or run with the pack.  When Mom saw that one of the brindles got me by the neck and pinned down, that's when she stopped the play.  It looks bad but we continued playing after our time out.  A buddy of mine Chase the Spaniel was there too but he was only interested in playing fetch with his humans.  I played "soccer" with Mom for a little while too.  By the way, lately, Mom has been bringing a handful of kibbles because I get hungry after play.  For some reason, I prefer eating them at the dog park.  I ignore my bowl at home. ;)  She makes sure there aren't any dogs around when she gives me my kibbles.  I get jealous when Mom gives some to any dogs.  It's mine.


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