Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Mommy No

I don't think so Mommy.  You have been outvoted and I still should be able to go to the park despite of my scab.  Dad agrees with me.  We are going to break you down.  :)  The tribe has spoken.  C'mon Mom, look at this cutiepie.  Dad will pick up my poop for a week.  That's my birthday gift to you.  ^-^
Aww Mommy, you can't deny me anything, I'm too cute. 

Watching Hiro take a crapper


Playing with Hiro and Boadie


Ignoring the big dogs as I sniff, sniff, and sniff. 



Jasper following me

1 comment:

tikarex said...

You love to hang out with the big boys...don't you Sinjin!!