Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scrappy Dog

Just came back from the park.  It was raining this morning thus, my paws got muddy.  I was at the small dog area because according to Mom, it would be easier to catch me and there was no one there.  She brought about 20 tennis balls and put 10 at the big dog area.  We played for about 10 minutes until 2 dogs came.  It's Sophie and Casey. I have met them about a week ago but I was at the big dog park area.  This is the first time we played.  Sophie is a barker and she kept following Mom and even jumped on her.  Mom played with her for awhile.  I think Sophie thinks Mom has a treat. She remembered Mom giving her a treat a week ago.  I had a great time as usual even though Sophie's barking got on my nerve.  LOL   Casey was pretty quiet.  Then a poodle came in and I jumped on his human.  She said OFF so loud.  But I ignored her.  She had something in her pocket, I can smell it.  Mom said "off" too and she threw a tennis ball to distract me.   I played with the poodle for awhile and then back with Sophie. After half an hour, Dad was motioning to go.  This is where Sophie and Casey's mom helped my parents by leading her dogs to the waiting gate and I followed them.  Dad closed the gate and put my leash on.  I got a quick wipe down before I got into the car.  




Mom mentioned that today was my last day at the park until my booboo has healed properly. 

Checking out Dad's black and blue foot

Mom thinks this is cute.  I was shredding paper towels. :)


Anonymous said...

Paper on your nose is just too darn CUTE! :)

tikarex said...

Your dad's foot looks pretty sore Sinjin!! The picture of you at the very top is are one handsome lad!!